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Portrait of Mitro

Grand Vizier of the Temporal Karma for the TSPTF
April 9, 2010 – March 27, 2011

Lt. in the TSPTF
August 6, 2009 – April 9, 2010

Successor N/A
Born July 19, 1985
Hammond, Indiana
Died March 7, 2427
New Chicago, United Colonies, Lagrangian point 3
Profession Attorney

Hi my name is Matt Mitrovich and this is my user page. I've been a fan of alternate history since high school. I created the alternate history Facebook group Alternate History Online, was the editor and founder of Alternate History Weekly Update and I currently host The Alternate History YouTube channel. Please consider supporting my alternate history creations on Patreon.

I am a retired admin of this wiki, but I am still lurking around and will occasionally comment.

Backgrounds to my Stories

I hope to be a published author and I current have a short story that has been submitted to a published, along with another short story and novel in the works. In the meantime I plan to post background information on some of the worlds I created as timelines to this wiki.

My timelines

My Adopted TLs

Save Our Alternate History

Save Our Alternate History was an idea I had to preserve online alternate histories. After Geocities shut down a lot of quality works were lost. Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can still access a lot of those alternate histories. The plan was to copy and paste the archived versions onto the wiki after getting permission of the authors. After getting the first TL under the project up and running (see below) I tried with another TL, but the author said no. After that I lost interest, but still feel that it is a good idea. If you are interested in helping or have some timelines you think can be saved, contact me.

1983: Doomsday

I'm a big fan of 1983: Doomsday. I have created so many article and made such a large number of contributions to the TL that I have lost track of everything that I have done, but here are a few articles that are near and dear to me:

Other TLs I contribute to

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