Hi, based in Glasgow Scotland. I've got a big interest in the Doomsday ATL as I grew up near a nuclear base in Scotland, also like Royal Perogative as it sees Scotland retain its independence and critically sees a Catholic Monarch retain the Crown, this would have a range of divergent points in OTL (Must say that I am not religious...ATHIEST).

Interested in...

  • Doomsday: Creator of Celtic Alliance - impact of DD on internal politcal structures, under currents in territorialism and consitutional framework for democracy after DD. Also interested in religion and how it will manage to redevelop / implode after DD? See the Vatican proposal that I have posted. Also interested in the social changes that would come about after DD eg. treatment of minorities, human rights and individual freedom

  • Royal Perogative: All about the changes to the U.K. if the Stuarts had remained only monarchs of Scotland and Catholic
  • Thinking about starting up a new alt based on the early Pictish realms of OTL Scotland...let me know what you think?
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