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Monster Pumpkin
Archon of the Omniversal Collective
Brass of the TSPTF

Nationality: Flag of the United States.svg American
Ethnicity: Flag of England.svg English Flag of Scotland.svg Scottish
Flag of Germany.svg German Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch
Flag of France.svg French Syria-flag 1932-58 1961-63.svg Syrian
Faith: Presbyterian Christian
Political views: Center-Right
Political party: Republican
Languages English language.svg English (native)
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svg Arabic (limited working proficiency)

Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolian (limited working proficiency)
Flag of Germany.svg German (elementary proficiency)

Main interests: To be finished later
Althistory interests: All Alternate History.
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Hey, I'm Monster Pumpkin, but you can just call me MP. Most people do, anyway, but I encourage you to do so if you so wish. 

I first joined this website way back in 2012 because I saw the map of Superpowers and thought it looked really cool. I then got involved in map games in The Greater Americas, which wasn't exactly plausible or successful but helped jumpstart my career here. I joined because it is interesting and I wanted to add to it in a meaningful and creative way.

I steadily got better at map gaming and became a respected member of the community, and I tried my hand at timelines, namely Age of Kings, which again wasn't the best thing I've written. However, I have since largely retired from map games after a successful run in Principia Moderni III and have devoted myself towards timelines and community management.

As per my involvement in the community I have moved up the ranks of the TSPTF and now I am one of the Brass in charge of running this community. I am part of the ruling triumvirate between me, Scraw, and LG, with possible expansion in the future. 

Regarding myself I'm a college student majoring in government and history with a focus on international relations, all of which I find particular interesting and would enjoy working in a field related to these subjects in the future.

Map Games

Map Games that I have created are bolded. Map Games that I have become a major investor in its series are underlined.

The Greater Americas - I was the Incan Empire (Deceased)

Hot Cold War - I was East Germany and Austria (Deceased)

Europe 1200 AD - I was the Byzantine Empire (Deceased)

Axis vs. Allies Reloaded - I was the Kingdom of the Balkans (Completed)

Viva La Revolution! and its series - I was Prussia and the United States (Deceased)

Battle for Earth and its series - I was the USSR and the Dravimosian Empire (Deceased)

Qzu - I was the City of Atlantis (Deceased)

Triple Entente vs. Central Powers and its series  - I was the United Kingdom and the United States (Deceased)

476 AD: Decline of Rome - I was the White Hun Khanate and the Western Roman Empire (Deceased)

Principia Moderni III  - I am the revived Roman Empire.

Alternate Histories

Own Timelines

Collabrative Timelines

The Green North

Collabrative timeline with Imperium Guy and Godfrey Raphael. 

Maximum Systema

Collabrative timeline with Scrawland and Imperium Guy.

1983: Doomsday

I have also made a few small contributions for Doomsday.

Battle for Earth: Prime

Collabortative timeline with a lot of people, even though hardly anyone edits it anymore.

Yellowstone: 1936

Collaborative timeline with a lot of people, also somewhat dead.

Middle East

North America

  • Confederate States of America


Map Games

These three nations are probably the best that I have ever created in a map game. They are in order or creation.

And perhaps the grandest of them. None can match it in sheer power or influence.


Here is my Sandbox: Sandbox

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