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Welcome to the Second Government Simulation.




The first president, Mscoree was elected on January 8, 2014. The presidency continued, split between the Progressive Party and the Communist Party for the next nine months. The election of UglyTurtle on September 28, 2014 marked the end of the presidency. Upon his election in September 28, 2014, president election UglyTurtle proposed an abolishment of the government's democratic assemblies and presidential terms. Passing on September 30, so began the "Testudian Dictatorship", during which no new elections took place. On October 20, 2015 UglyTurtle was deposed from his position as president and dictator. Mscoree, as creator of the government, was declared the government's first monarch, and a parliamentary, constitutional monarchy was formed.

Interim Government

Following the deposition of UglyTurtle an interim government was formed of primarily democratic and republican senators. The first political party to form, the Democratic Party, accounted for the majority of the interim government's seats. The first election was scheduled for October 23, 2015, at 8 PM EST, at which time Harvenard2 of the Democrats would run for the position of prime minister. At which point, having fulfilled its goal of restoring elections, the Democratic Party would be disbanded.

Current Government

Executive Branch

  • Prime Minister: Ratcolor
  • Deputy Prime Minister: Dreamcaster1
  • Speaker of the House: Sithlent
  • Secretary of the Treasury:
  • Secretary of Defense:



  • Voting requirements:
    • Must have joined the wiki at least one month prior to election date.
    • Must have at least one hundred edits at the time of vote.
    • Must be signed-up in the sign-up section.
  • Elections will be held every two months.
  • The following voting ranges will be established:
    • Less than 750 edits
    • 751 to 3000 edits
    • 3001 to 7000 edits
    • 7001 and up
  • Each voting range will send three representatives to the national senate.
  • On election day each voter in each voting range (if they choose so) ranks the candidates.
  • Each candidate needs thirty-three percent of the vote in their voting range to be elected.
  • If no candidate reaches thirty-three percent, or if less than three candidates do, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated, and the votes for that candidate are redistributed to other candidates based on each voter's rankings.
  • Likewise if a candidate receives more than thirty-three percent of the vote, their excess amount of votes is distributed proportionally to his voters' second choice.
  • The Progressive Party, Centrist Party, Communist Party, and Labour Party are completed dismantled and banned from participating in the future. No party may claim to be any of the above parties' direct successor.
  • In addition to the grand senate there shall also be a house of representatives, where its fifty seats are awarded proportionate to the number of overall first pick votes.
  • The party that receives the most votes in the house of representatives shall be known as the governing party and will select a prime minister.
  • The party that receives the second most votes shall be known as the opposition party.
  • The monarch may select a new prime minister from the governing or opposition party at any time, and can call upon new elections at any time.
  • Bills must receive a two-thirds majority in the senate and a majority in the house to pass into law
  • The president can veto a bill, in which case it requires a two-thirds majority in the senate and a two-thirds majority in the house to pass into law.
  • The monarch may also veto laws, in which case it requires a three-fourths majority in the senate and a two-thirds majority in the house to pass into law.


Democratic Party

Democratic Party
Chairperson Harvenard2
Founded 2015
Ideology Republicanism
Official colors Light blue

The Democratic Party was formed upon the restoration of democracy upon UglyTurtle's deposition. The Democratic Party champions the renewal of democracy and republicanism, as well as a form of parliamentary government.


Monarchist Party

Monarchist Party
Chairperson Tr0llis
Founded 2015
Ideology Monarchism


Official colors Royal blue

The Monarchist Party stresses the importance and preservation of the monarchy, as well as a constitutional and parliamentary form of legislative government. The party's ideals are also conservative and nationalist in nature.

Red Liberal Party

Red Liberal Party
Chairperson Dreamcaster1
Founded 2015
Headquarters Alt history wiki
Ideology Social Democracy


(Somewhat)Anti-TFOE stance
Official colors Red
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Red Liberal Party was formed by socialist and left wing liberal groups as a counter weight to the right wing groups in government. It strongly supports the ideas of Democratic socialism and progressivism.


  • Dreamcaster(Chairman)
  • Ace009
  • Tao64
  • Blocky858


  • Increased transparency and interaction with wiki mods.
  • Clearer definition of wiki rules and regulations.
  • Stricter rules on TFOE wiki users for an introductory period, follow on to full rights after said period.
  • Deletion and moving of Eric's sugarush timeline to another wiki, as it has no place here.

National Socialist Party

National Socialist Party
Führer Saturn120
Deputy Führer Andreas.martonosy
Party Secretary Firesofdoom
Founded 2015
Headquarters Althistory Wikia
Ideology Authoritarianism
Official colors Red, White, Black
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Nazi Party' stresses policies on keeping the wiki pure from TFOE and Vandal Scum. It stresses the power of the TSPTF and discipline with those who do not comply to the wiki rules.

The Nazi Party's policies mainly originate around the enitre idea of cleasing the wiki of TFOE users and restoring enforcing administrator power among the people. The party's accepts policies based on defending the wiki's identity and enforcing administrator power.


  • Saturn120 (Führer and lead chairman)
  • Firesofdoom
  • Andreas.martonosy
  • Willster22
  • Toby2


  • Solve the TFOE migrant problem by exterminating them our of out glorious wiki.
  • Higher chat security and more administrators to prevent "raids".
  • Harsher punishments for vandals and rule offenders.
  • Higher wages for those who need it and less for those who don't.
  • Expose those who are trying to destory our glorious wiki.

Social Democratic Union Party

Social Democratic Union Party
Chairperson Ratcolor
Deputy President Sithlent
Vice Secretary Vacant
Founded 2015
Ideology Radicalism

Social democracy
Social liberalism

Radism (See below)
Official colors Yellow
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Social Democratic Union Party, founded in 2015, is a political party advocating for the promotion of radical and social reform, wiki wide.

The Social Democratic Union Party subscribes to the idea of "Radism", named for its founder Ratcolor, which is comprised of three major tenets: social justice, economic independence, and political sovereignty. Radism rejects the extremes of both capitalism and communism, and also aims to mediate tensions between the classes of society, with the state responsible for negotiating compromise in conflicts between managers and workers.

Our policies:

  • Weakening or abolition of wiki-specific bans and their respective legislation, for incidents of non-harmful sockpuppeting.
  • Increased enfranchisement; abolition of voting restrictions, such as the edit count, for government elections.
  • Coexistence and assimilation of "mappers"; an end to wiki raids via diplomatic solutions.
  • Lessening of punishments for crimes outside the wiki, including crimes committed on other wikis or social media.
  • Creation of clear rules for chat and other aspects of the rules, including bans and their applicable punishment.


Paleo-Liberal Party

Paleo-Liberal Party
Chairperson Scarlet Outlaw
Founded 2015
Ideology Anarchism •

Secularism • Antimilitarism • Individualism • Isolationism • Moderate Rexism •

Paleoliberalism •
Official colours Green, and Black
Members in the TSPTF
0 / 40
Members of the Senate
0 / 60

The Paleo-Liberal Party is a party founded by user Scarlet Outlaw to promote the introduction of anarchist values in the government simulation. The party calls for the abolishing or heavy diminishing of institutions such as government and religion in order to protect the rights of the individual. The Anarchist Party was largely formed out of the aftermath of the Rexism movement, and follows similar values in some cases.


  • Promoting individual freedom through the creation of stateless societies in which government cannot interfere in the rights of the people.
  • Further personal liberties unhindered by government.
  • The diminishing of religion in society and the possible introduction of a secular state.
  • The reduction of militant force and powers exercised by the TSPTF, as well as an overall policy of isolationism in which admins cannot interfere in rights of the user.

Known Members

  • Scarlet Outlaw

Platonic Party

Platonic Party
Scholarch Nathan1123
Founded 2015
Ideology Objectivism


Official colors Red, Green, Blue
The world is a place full of chaos, misery, and ignorance. But from beyond there is light of hope, a hope of enlightenment that will rescue us from our woes and follies through knowledge, logic, and wisdom. Following in the footsteps of the Prophet Plato, we seek to bring reason as a means of arighting the unsatisfied.


  • Reform the education system to both strengthen its effectiveness and increase its outreach
  • Limit franchisement in government and other public work to those of proven intellectual capacity
  • Standardize the legal system based on a set of algorithms
  • Organize a represenitive body of intellectuals to advise and direct the legislation
  • Place further separation between Church and state, but organize ways for the government to strengthen and flourish the Church

Justice Party

Justice Party
Chairman Vatonica
Joint Chairman Krasnoyarsk
Founded 2015
Ideology Direct democracy


Social liberalism
Official colors Glorious purple
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Justice Party is a party founded to promote the interests of marginalized and ignored lower and middle edit-count editors and increase ether participation in the political process.

Our policies:

  • More equitable distribution of TSPTF nominations and an end to the disproportionate influence of high edit-count editors in the wiki hierarchy.
  • Electoral reform to increase the power of more numerous lower and middle count editors relative to their higher edit count counterparts, who currently dominate the electorate in a manner disproportionate tot heir numbers.
  • Increased use of direct democracy on major decisions of wiki policy such as bans, for instance, with regard to banning editors for accidentally uploading duplicate images.
  • Impeachment of mods for elitism, and ending of elitism altogether among users who have been around longer.

Nativist Party

Chairman Edgeofnight
Founded 2015
Ideology Militarism
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Nativist party is an authoritarian, far right party that believes that the military strength and order is the most important parts of government, and that the military should be the chief decision maker.

Our Policies/Goals:

  • Nativisim/Nationalism
  • Harsh Xenophobic "introductory" period where new users are "convinced" to accept government domination. (New Users= Less than 250 edits)
  • Harsh punishments for abuse of sockpuppeting, trolling, and vandalism
  • Military control over the government, the two should be one entity.


  • Edgeofnight

National Socialist People's Front

National Socialist People's Front
Chairman KLinkinLogsAssassnGirljjj4444
Vice Chairman Vacant
Deputy Chairman Vacant
Founded 2015
Ideology Authoritarianism


Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None





What exactly is the "Saturn Swine"? It is an infection that has condemned lesser parties to their downfall. The Saturn Swine is a hypocritical and antagonistic ideology that preys on the weak and small of edit count, the new user, the mapper. It is the Saturn Swine that condemned our wiki to the elitist ruin it is today. You there, user, worker of the wiki, stand up for your rights and fight the swine!

  • The mappers are not intrinsically evil, merely it is the poor content that is the problem. We are not against mappers, we are against poor content. The flaw of the inferior nazi party is the false dichotomy of mapper and nazi, when in reality both are mostly shit; it should be the hard working user versus both of them.
  • The hard working user, regardless of edit count, is pure at heart. It is their dedication that creates the wiki, not the elitist upper class that rarely contributes.
  • Other parties may attempt to limit the enfranchisement of voting to silence the workers and the masses, but we promote increased enfranchisement to prevent minority rule.
  • The best defense against raids is a strong militaristic offense. We cannot expect to come to terms with a hostile organization if we are practically subjugated by them in the name of peace.

Your into some weird shit m8- Dream.




Executive Power Act

The following act is proposed for the purpose of defining the powers of the prime minister, reinstating the previously approved "Vacancy Act", and to set guidelines for future holders of the office.

Article 1: Positions of the Executive Branch.

  • Section 1: The Deputy Prime Minister shall be established as the second in command to the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister of the Senate.
  • Section 2: During the vice Prime Minister's absence, the Prime Minister pro tempore is empowered to preside over Senate sessions.

Article 2: On the subject of the Vacancy Act.

  • Section 1: When a Prime Minister is removed from office, dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to discharge the powers of the executive branch, the Vice Prime Minister will immediately become Prime Minister.
  • Section 2: Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of Vice Prime Minister, the Prime Minister shall be allowed to nominate a successor who becomes Vice Prime Minister if confirmed by a majority vote of the senate.
  • Section 3: When the Prime Minister transmits a written declaration to the Prime Minister pro tempore of the Senate, stating that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the executive branch, and until the Prime Minister sends another written declaration to the aforementioned officers declaring himself able to resume discharging those powers and duties, the Vice Prime Minister serves as Acting Prime Minister.
  • Section 4: The Vice Prime Minister is allowed, together with a majority of either "the principal officers of the executive departments" (i.e., the Cabinet) or of "such other body as Congress may by law provide", to declare the Prime Minister disabled by submitting a written declaration to the Prime Minister pro tempore of the Senate. As with Section 3, the Vice Prime Minister would become Acting Prime Minister.
  • Section 5: If the Prime Minister's incapacitation prevents him from discharging the duties of his office and he does not provide a written declaration to that effect, the Prime Minister may resume exercising the executive duties by sending a written declaration to the Prime Minister pro tempore. Should the Vice Prime Minister remain unsatisfied with the Prime Minister's condition, he may within four days of the Prime Minister's declaration submit another declaration that the Prime Minister is incapacitated. The Congress must then assemble within 48 hours if not in session. Within 21 days of assembling or of receiving the second declaration by the Vice Prime Minister, a two-thirds vote of the senate is required to affirm the Prime Minister as unfit. Upon this finding by the Congress, Section 4 states that the Vice Prime Minister would "continue" to be Acting Prime Minister. Should the Congress resolve the issue in favor of the Prime Minister, or if the Congress makes no decision within the 21 days allotted, then the Prime Minister would "resume" discharging all of the powers and duties of his office. The use of the words "continue" and "resume" imply that the Vice Prime Minister remains Acting Prime Minister while Congress deliberates. However, the Prime Minister may again submit a written declaration of recovery to the Prime Minister pro tempore. That declaration could be responded to by the Acting Prime Minister in the same way as stated earlier. The allotted 21-day Congressional procedure would start again.

Article 3: Powers of the Executive Branch.

  • Section 1:Within the executive branch itself, the Prime Minister (if in office) has broad powers to manage national affairs and the workings of the federal government. The Prime Minister can issue rules, regulations, and instructions called executive orders, which have the binding force of law upon federal agencies but do not require congressional approval.
  • Section 2:The Prime Minister shall be responsible for preparing the United States' budget, although Congress must approve it.
  • Section 3:The Prime Minister may impound funds as he saw fit.
  • Section 4:The Prime Minister shall act as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and may call into federal service the state units of the National Guard.
  • Section 5:In times of war or national emergency, the Congress may grant the Prime Minister even broader powers to manage the national economy and protect the security of the Wiki.
  • Section 6:The Prime Minister may appoint a cabinet, which may be reshuffled at any time.



  • What political party is Eric affiliated with and voting for? Saturn120 13:37, October 25, 2015 (UTC)

New Constitution


We, the users of the Alternative History Wiki, in order to form a more stable and balanced wiki, to protect the users’ rights as citizens, to effectively govern the Wiki, and to promote the tranquility and neutrality of users on the wiki, hereby ordain this constitution.


[1] All men and women are equal in terms of opportunity, and all have the right to pursuit their ambitions and goals.

[2] The freedom of speech shall not be infringed upon.

[3] The right to expression of feelings and identity without persecution shall not be infringed upon.

[4] The right to a fair trial in a court of law shall not be infringed upon.

[5] The right to enjoyment of the wiki shall not be infringed upon.

[6] The right to peacefully edit in the wiki shall not be infringed upon unless a conflict arises, in which case the conflict is to be peacefully resolved.

[7] The right to chat shall not be infringed upon, unless issues arise while in chat, in which case the issues are to be peacefully resolved.

[8] The right to create a new political party shall not be infringed upon unless the ideals of the party condone violence against the government, in which case the party shall be banned from participating in any national election.

[9] The right to assembly, and membership of a group, shall not be infringed upon.

[10] The rights not enumerated in the constitution shall not be infringed upon.


Section I

[1] All legislative power will be granted to the Senate.

[2] The Senate shall consist of 24 senators.

[3] Each official political party shall form a list of candidates, in order by precedence.

[4] An election shall be held for senators once every month.

[5] The parties shall receive seats in senate proportional to the number of votes given.

[6] A party’s seats in the senate shall be filled with the top members of the party’s list of candidates.

[7] Vacancies in the Senate shall be filled by an election of the party which that seat belonged to

[8] Senators may be impeached for high crimes by a vote of at least two thirds of the remaining senators.

[9] A Senator must have had at least 200 edits and have been a member of the wiki for at least 80 days prior to the time they became senator

Section II

The Senate shall have the power to:

[1] Try all impeachments, including of fellow senators, executive officers, and justices.

[2] Vote on all bills. Should, after a voting period specified in the bill, the number of Yeas exceed the number of Yeas, the bill shall be presented to the President. Should the Nays exceed the Nays, the bill shall be discarded. Should the number of Yeas double the number of Nays, then the President shall not have the power to veto that bill.

[3] Establish criminal laws of the wiki.

[4] Confirm appointments to the cabinet and Supreme Court.

[5] Regulate and appoint officers to regulate chat.

[6] Appoint and support officers to enforce the laws passed.

[7] Make all laws necessary for the wiki to remain a peaceful and functioning place.

Section III

[1] No bill of attainder, or ex post facto law, shall be passed.

[2] No title of nobility shall be granted to any user.

[3] No law contradicting this constitution shall be passed.


Section I

[1] The executive power shall be vested in the President.

[2] The President shall be elected directly by a popular vote.

[3] The President shall serve a minimum term of three months.

[4] The President shall be elected with a Vice President, who shall replace the President should he be removed from office, resign, or be inactive for more than two weeks.

[5] The President and should have at least 300 edits and have spent at least 150 days as a member of the wiki prior to becoming President.

[6] The Vice President should have all requisite qualifications that the President needs.

Section II

[1] The President shall have the power to veto a bill, but should he not veto or approve a bill within ten days of its passing of the senate, it shall become law.

[2] The President shall make appointments of Supreme Court justices and the leaders of each department.

[3] The Vice President shall vote on any bills which are tied following the voting period of a bill.


Section I

[1] All Legislative power shall herein be vested in the Supreme Court.

[2] The Supreme Court shall consist of five justices, one of which shall be appointed the Chief Justice.

[3] All justices shall serve term month terms, with one justice being appointed every two months.

[4] Justices may be appointed for multiple terms.

[5] The Justices shall be appointed by the President, and approved by a vote of the majority of the Senate.

Section II

[1] The Supreme Court shall rule on all disputes of constitutionality of laws.

[2] The Supreme Court shall serve as the highest court in the land regarding all trials.

[3] All trials shall be conducted by a jury of peers, except in trials in the Supreme Court or impeachment.

[4] No cruel or unusual punishment shall be inflicted.

[5] The Chief Justice shall preside over all cases of impeachment.

[6] The Chief Justice shall officially make bills become laws by approving their constitutionality.


[1] All Amendments must receive two thirds of the votes in the Senate.

[2] Once an amendment has been passed in the senate, it must be approved by a majority of the population.

[3] If the amendment is approved by the population, it is to be officially ratified by the Chief Justice.






  • (I added a disscussion section, if you don't mind.) Overall I agree with this consitiution, but there's only one thing I don't completely agree on with it. Saturn120 14:52, October 25, 2015 (UTC)
  • I dislike that the senate is able to impeach people from office. It should be that we vote on if the current leader should be impeached or not. Overall I agree with this constitution. - Scarlet Outlaw 
Article I, Section IX: Any user, regardless of status, edits, or experience on the wiki may be a senator if voted so
  • The Nazi Party thinks that only users that have been here for a specific amount of time and a some editing experience should become a senator. A period of three months and two-hundred edits at the minnium should be set just to not allow us to vote anyvody into an office. (In an IRL scienario, It would allow us to be electing ANYBODY into the office, Illegal Immigrants, Children, etc.) Saturn120 13:32, October 25, 2015 (UTC)
  • Despite our differences, I agree with Saturn, although I think stricter requirements are needed.~Tao64
  • I am fine with adding very minimal requirements to be a senator, and for President, if the other voters agree. However, I would like to keep the Senate with the ability to impeach others. ~Vatonica
  • How many senators should there be? On the one hand, 50 is a nice and reasonable number. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to have a low number of seats that could actually all be filled by users, like around 16. Thoughts? ~Vatonica

Vandal-Raider Punishment Act

The following bill has been proposed to deliver a hasher punishment to vandals and "raiders" who attack our created content and chat.

Article One: The Punishment and Recognition of Vandals

  • Any User or Anon that edits a non-public article without its owners consent, shall be considered a vanal. The only excptions to this are spell checking the owners content and manual IP checks to a users profile.
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a vandal, an administrator must ban an anon for a period of a week. Users that commit vandalism are banned for a period of five days. This article only applies to first time offenders.
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a vandal and has already vandalized once in the past, an administrator must ban an anon for a period of a month. Users that commit vandalism are banned for a period of two weeks. This article only applies to second time offenders.
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a vandal and has already vandalized twice in the past, an administrator must ban an anon for a period of a three months. Users that commit vandalism are banned for a period of a month. This article only applies to third time offenders.
  • Any anon that has committed vandalism for four or more times shall be banned for a year. (For users, the ban is a period of three months)

Article Two: The Punishment of Raiders

  • Any user that constantly spams on chat and is affiliated with another wikia shall be considered a raider. There are no execptions to this bill
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a raider, they shall be banned from chat for a period of a week. This only applies to first time offenders.
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a raider, and has been an offender once in the past, shall be banned from chat for a period of a month. This only applies to second time offenders.
  • Upon the discovery that a user is a raider, and has been an offender twice in the past, shall be banned from chat for a period of six months. This only applies to third time offenders.
  • If a user has committed a fouth raid offense shall be banned one-thousand years from chat. For them to be unbanned, they must apply the the supreme court. There, the Supreme Court shall choose to whether the user shall or shall not be unbanned from chat. If the Supreme Court decides to have them unbanned, then they shall be given a last chance.
  • If a user has commited a fith raid offense, they are perma-banned from chat. No exeptions

Note: The National Socialist Party is open to changes on ban lengths for either of the articles.







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