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I learned that the world is a cruel place; an infinite spiral of light that engulfs and gives. I am just another writer, another piece of this wiki. Sometimes we are blown off course, mustered to fight a war that we have no tokens in, entering ports of distant, foreign lands. But in my case, if you do not know where you're sailing, no port is favorable.

I apologize greatly for hurting so many people, and I look forward of the life of the world to come.

I leave my responsibilities in Of Clockwork and Men to David Rain and CrimsonAssassin. NotLAH, No Rome, Alternate Imperialism, and my timeline projects, will be given to Edboy452. I hope that Tr0llis and RazorfangZ14 will assist him, and I believe that the community will do its best without me. I leave my Yellowstone articles to Imperium Guy. 

If I were to advice a new contributor I'd say this. Don't ever think you're not good enough. Be enough for you. No map game or community timeline is too good for you. The reason it's popular is because its controversial, not good. Don't be afraid to be heard. You'll never be ready for the day when they want to hear you, so take a risk. Be the one behind the wheel. Think ahead to where you want to drive. Be calm and try to be well received in the customer relations department, because the world is truly your customer. Serve it.


  • Edboy452- Thanks for posting on NotLAH so many times for me.
  • RazorfangZ14- Thank you for being
  • Millgy- Thanks for making hilarious stuff as Sealand, and for letting me ghost write.
  • Kogasa- For being friendly to me even when most people hated me.
  • Doc_Evulz- For being the only real assistant moderator on NotLAH.
  • Greg_e- Being one of the best writers on NotLAH, and for having so many friendly arguments with me.
  • CrimsonAssassin- For trying to calm me down.
  • Tr0llis- For not quitting on me.
  • Branbran64- For hilariously getting banned.
  • Fritzmet- For your help, and your Rage Against the Machine references.
  • NonEuclidean- For knowing about the Congo, and convincing some that even new contributors matter.
  • ImperiumGuy- For standing up for me that one time, even if you never did sign your support.
  • Scrawland Scribblescratch- For pulling me back down to Earth.
  • Count VonGlusenburg- For blessing me with his presence as Austria, even if only for a little while.
  • CourageousLife- For having the drive to start something that isn't hated.
  • Ratc3333- For being a better sport than most.
  • UglyTurtle- For being mature and rational, a good sport, and a quiet observer.
  • Oreotoast555- For helping with NotLAH. I'm happy to take the blame.
  • Octavian Marius- For growing as a person.
  • Aternix- For his sympathy and support.
  • Bfoxius- For being a good friend, supporting me, and basically being my cooler twin.
  • Red VS Blue- For actually answering my question, and for being a fan of Rome.
  • The Old Baby- For playing the villain in films that will never be shot.
  • Yankovic270- For being the first person to help with moderator events in NotLAH.
  • Collie Kaltenbrunner- For almost letting me play as Malta in PM2.
  • GunsandGlory- For almost letting me play as the Kamata Kingdom in Let There Be Light.
  • Monster Pumpkin- For being one my side here and there.
  • Feudalplague- For a great, mature contributor. 
  • Local Mafia Boss- For being the stupid reckless preacher I never could be. 
  • David Rain- For being one of the kindest people I've ever known. 
  • Sine- For trusting me enough to make me an administrator.
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