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Welcome to the Novel Project Portal page!

Novel Projects are althistorical pieces written like- well, Novels.

This page will hold a list of Novel Projects, as well as some basic rules and guidelines towards creating them.

Novel Projects, like Map Games, will be created as seperate pages from this portal pages- not like Map Contests .

Rules and Guidelines

When creating or playing novel projects, please adhere to the following basic guidelines.

Creating Novel Projects

  • Title them with the name first, followed by the tag 'Novel Project'. For instance, a page might be titled Namehere (Novel Project).
  • Please categorize these pages with the tag 'Novel Projects'.
  • PODs: Please have one.
  • In the event that this is a Novel Project in a series, have the name of the series in the name along with the rest; for instance, Seriesname Revived (Novel Project)
  • Pages that are connected to a novel project but not actually a novel project themselves should be titled , for instance, pagename (Namehere Novel Project).

Playing Novel Projects

  • Please be polite to other editors while playing a Novel Project.
  • It is recommended that you keep a map running for the page.
  • Novel Projects, unlike Map Games, need not go from a single point to OTL. They can be ended after a short span.
  • Please do not 'claim' chapters more than about 5-6 chapters ahead.
  • Please write your chapters when your turn comes.
  • Format the page soemthing like this. Parts, Acts, and Chapters.
  • That said, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not write material anything like that. Please.
  • Sockpuppeting is strictly against the rules.

Current Novel Projects

  • Revolution: The Movie - First official novel project ever created, detailing the struggle between the TSPTF and the 'rebles' of the proclaimed Alternate History Revolution. Massive collaborative project between several users. NOT a good example for future Novel Projects, except in Formatting. The content... well...
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