This page is for people who wish to list available royal marriages in Principia Modern III.

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  • Exempli Gratia (1594) - Duke of Example.
  • Leopold von Habsburg (1572) - grandson of Emperor Ferdinand I.
  • Margaret von Habsburg (1568) - granddaughter of Emperor Ferdinand I, Leopold's cousin. Wed to Afonso of Portugal (1574).
  • Charles von Habsburg (1556) - nephew of Emperor Ferdinand I, great grandson of famed chancellor Balthasar. Wed to Elisabeth von Hohenzollern.
  • Constance von Habsburg (1558) - brother in law of Charles, great grandson of famed chancellor Balthasar.
  • Barbara von Habsburg (1560) - Constance's sister. Wed to Eberhard von Württemberg.
  • Ursala von Habsburg (1560) - daughter of Lothar II, Margrave of Brandenburg (in exile) and Duke of Lusatia, daughter in law of the Emperor of Britannia.
  • Magnus von Habsburg (1564) - son of Lothar II, son of law of the Emperor of Britannia. Teresa Manrique de Figueroa (1575).
  • Margaret von Wettin (1547) - daughter of Frederick II von Wettin.
  • Frederick II von Wettin (1550) - deposed duke of Saxony.
  • Maurice von Wettin (1549) - Frederick II's brother in law.
  • Frederick von Württemberg (1547)  - cousin of Johann I of Swabia.
  • Johann I von Württemberg (1550) - Duke of Swabia. Wed to Irene Strategopoulos (1570).
  • Christoph von Württemberg (1555) - brother of Johann I. Wed to Anne von Hohenzollern.
  • Otto von Habsburg-Wittlesbach (1570) - son of Aygöl of the Tartary and Ulrich, brother of the deposed King of Poland. Wed to Urraca Manrique de Figueroa (1573).
  • Elisabeth von Habsburg-Wittlesbach (1572) - daughter of Aygöl of the Tartary and Ulrich, brother of the deposed King of Poland. Wed to Edmund von Jülich.
  • Frederick von Hohenzollern (1580) - King George's nephew.
  • Barbara von Hohenzollern (1584) - King George's nephew.
  • Frederick von Württemberg (1595) - Great nephew of King George, son of Eberhard von Württemberg and Barbara von Habsburg.
  • Anne von Württemberg (1600) - Frederick's sister.
  • Mary von Württemberg  (1580) - Aunt of Anne and Frederick.
  • Karl von Hohenzollern (1580) - Son of King George, heir to Kingdom of Prussia.
  • John von Hohenzollern (1582) - Karl's brother.
  • Elisabeth von Hohenzollern (1585) - King George's sister. Wed to Johan van Nassau-Orleans
  • Gregoria von Habsburg (1580) - Second cousin of Emperor Wolfgang I.
  • Frederick von Habsburg (1583) - Gregoria's brother.
  • Otto von Habsburg (1594) - Son of Magnus I, heir to Brandenburg.
  • Albert von Habsburg (1596) - Otto's brother.
  • Frederick von Habsburg (1596) - Otto and Albert's cousin.
  • Wilhelm von Habsburg (1600) - Frederick's brother.
  • Mary von Habsburg (1602) - Frederick and Wilhelm's cousin.
  • Ulrich von Württemberg (1570) - cousin of Johann I.
  • Mary von Württemberg (1575) - Ulrich's sister.
  • Christoph von Württemberg (1590) - son of Johann I, heir to Duchy of Swabia.
  • Henry von Württemberg (1580) - cousin of Christoph.
  • Albert von Habsburg-Breslau (1588) - son of Constance von Habsburg, heir to the Duchy of Silesia.
  • Anna von Habsburg-Breslau (1590) - Albert's sister.


  • Kingdom of Explanation: We offer Id Est (1594) to Exempli of House Gratia.


I propose we expand the "List" section. I think we should make a section for countries who wish to be on this page. So, like, under List would be separte headers for Austria, Bavaria, Britannia, Hispania, China, etc.. But like the Territories page for PMIII, only those who want to be on the page will make a section for their own, and it will obviously be their responsibility to update it regularly. Cookiedamage (talk) 00:51, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

I was considering putting sections up, but sometimes the lines can be blurred. For example in my additions not everyone is from or associated with Austria, and so have no territory to speak of at all. Mscoree (talk) 00:53, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

Ah, but all of them clumped under one List section could be very confusing and hard to sift through. Like, if they don't have any lands, at least put them under some sort of Austria/Habsburg section, or maybe specify that they are mostly landless?

Furthermore, when we put down marriage applicants, put down their titles if they have any, as well as age and birth date, as well as titles of their potential spouses/those betrothed. Also, I think we should institute an offers section, so it would look something likes this:

  • Bavaria
    • Mary, Princess of Bavaria (age 21, born 1579) - betrothed to John of England (Britannia)(aged 23, born 1577). To be wed in 1600.
    • Charles, Grand Duke of Landshut, heir to the Bavarian throne (aged 19, born 1581) - married to Isabella of Aragon (Hispania)(aged 20, born 1580). Wed in 1601. 
      •  Offers
        • Austria: We offer Jacob von Habsburg for the hand of Marriage to Mary. Age: 18, born 1592.
        • Croatia: We offer Mikael, Crown Prince to the Czardom of Croatia, for the hand of Marriage to Mary. Age: 25, born 1575.

Cookiedamage (talk) 01:01, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

I made a proposals section (putting it in the list might make it cluttered) and also made examples of a listing and an offer. Mscoree (talk) 03:57, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

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