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Progressive Party
Chairperson UglyTurtle
Founder Mscoree
Manager Toby2
Founded 2014
Preceded by Liberal Party
Nullification Party
Ideology Liberalism


Official colors Teal
Members in the TSPTF
2 / 40
Members of the Senate
12 / 73

The Progressive Party is a popular political party considered one of the major contemporary parties today. created in January 2014 through the merger of the Liberal Party and the growing Nullification Party to create a stronger progressive and reformist party, the Progressive Party became the dominant party following the first election, in which its presidential candidate Mscoree was elected, as well as twenty one out of forty seats in the senate.

Since the first election the party decline in popularity, but remained a major party, allying with the Centrist Party in the second election, but losing overall to the Communist Party. In late 2014 the party merged with several other new organizations to create a stronger opposition to the Communist Party, lead by Ugly Turtle in the September 2014 elections.

The party's platform is generally based upon the beliefs of several leading ideologies, the main ones being ideas of libertarianism and progressivism. The party supports the Idea of Progress, which states that advances in technology, science, and social organization can produce an improvement in the human condition, and that the wiki most advance likewise to meet the demands of a growing community. The party also emphasizes the importance of freedom of choice and political freedom, seeking to protect and promote the general welfare of all works of alternate history.



Rise to Power

Summer 2014 Decline

Autumn 2014 Consolidation



  • We strive for proportional representation in wiki affairs.
  • We promote respect for freedom of speech relating to political affairs.
  • We seek the progressive expansion and revision of wiki rules as the wiki advances.
  • We seek to promote the general welfare of collaborative projects and solo efforts, and fight for the protection of allowed timelines, map games, and other works.

Structure and Composition

Known Members

  • Mscoree
  • Ratc3333
  • Memester
  • Spartian300
  • NonEuclidean
  • Tr0llis
  • Monster Pumpkin
  • UglyTurtle
  • Feudalplague
  • Everyone else post below!


Accolades are given out by members of the party. Some accolades are independent of the party.

  • Progressive Merit Award - For thoroughly serving the party and remaining active in the simulation. May only be awarded to a registered progressive member, as chosen by the reigning president.
  • Medal of Eternal Revolution - For the highest act of valor and sacrifice in the name of reform and the revolution. May only be handed out to an individual who receives a 2/3 vote among party members. Recipient does not have to be a registered member of the party.
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