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Map Games

Map Games I've played
Game Nation Location Population Religion Dynasty / Philosophy Capital Dates
Principia Moderni III Union of Borealia North America 80 million Roman Catholicism Borealianism New Vienna (OTL Crater Lake, Oregon) 1750-2015
The Global War Kingdom of Arabia Middle East 10 million Sunni Islam Sabhani Damascus 1912-1928
Fall of Man: the Cyber War European Union Europe 650 million Roman Catholicism Humanism Brussels 2065-2067
A Whole New World Ottoman Empire Asia Minor 12 million Sunni Islam Osman Istanbul 1492-1500
Vae Victus II Kingdom of Egypt North Africa 5 million Hellenistic Philosophy Ptolemaic (XXXII) Alexandria 313-312 BC
Legacy of the Horde Pious Kingdom of Madras India 400,000 Nestorian Christianity Pandyas Madras (Chennai) 845-847 AD
Shattered Stripes and Stars IV Theocratic Republic of New England North America 70 million Puritan Christianity Scholastic Boston 2065-2080
Dawn of War United States of America North America 150 million Secularism Democratic Washington, DC 1948-1972
Hands of the Gods Islamic Republic of Nanyindu Vega System 3 million Indu Islam Jibrilan Caliphate Nandel 2060-2061
Ninety-Five Theses Ottoman Empire Middle East 12 million Sunni Islam Osman Istanbul 1517-1534
Cross and Crescent Ayyobid Sultanate North Africa 7.2 million Sunni Islam Ayyob Cairo 1200-1207
Principia Moderni IV Abbasid Caliphate North Africa 7.8 million Sunni Islam Abbasid Cairo 1400-1450
Shortest Map Game Ever Holy See Europe 800 Roman Catholicism Roman Papacy Vatican City 2015
Principia Moderni IV South Australian Civilization Australia 1.1 million Aborigini Traditional (Ngintaka cult) Ngarrindjeri Ngarrindjeri (in OTL Adeleid Valley) 1450-1525
Rise of the Arabs United Arab Republic Middle East 65.7 million Sunni Islam Baathist Cairo 1965-1976
Age of Authority Roman Empire Europe 50 million Greco-Roman Polytheism Nerva-Antoinine Rome 100-195 AD
Ages in Chaos Commonwealth of Greenland North America 2,000 Norse Paganism Thornsfoot Battilhid 964-970 AD
Principia Moderni IV Belkan Federation Europe 25 million Eastern Orthodoxy Romanticism Belgrade 1835-1845
The Great Peace Hashemite Kingdom of Syria Middle East 2.5 million Sunni Islam Hashemite Damascus 1920-1933
Origo Mundi Kingdom of Azoz Letsia 12 million Orthodox Ulm Xeran Azoz 116 BR-884 AR
Mondus Novus Kingdom of Chesapeake North America 2 million Algonquian Shamanism Powhatan Rappohanock (Baltimore) 1492-1540
Imperial Heights Ottoman Empire Middle East 18 million Sunni Islam Osman Istanbul 1905-1916
Concert of Europe Kingdom of Denmark Europe 1.4 million Lutheranism Oldenburg Coppenhagen 1826-1853
Concert of Europe Kingdom of the Netherlands Europe 3 million Dutch Puritan Orange Den Hague 1853-1870
Rise of the Mongols Livonian Order Europe 50,000 Roman Catholocism Brethren of the Sword Riga 1220-1226
Roman Empire Game Empire of the Britons Europe 1.5 million Niceaen Christianity Constantine Londinium 405-418 AD

Map Game nation slogans

  • Borealia (PM3) - "Only we get to make colonies"
  • Arabia (Global War) - "Where an Emirate destroys the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire"
  • European Union (Fall of Man) - "Our interpol is smarter than your AI"
  • Madras (Legacy of the Horde) - "Try to forget we exist"
  • Ptolemaic Egypt (Vae Victus) - "Our backstory was longer than the game"
  • United States (Dawn of War) - "Aliens."
  • Nanyindu (Hands of the Gods) - "Even aliens can be Muslim"
  • New England (SSS4) - "Party like it's 1699"
  • Ottoman Empire (95T) - "When in doubt, conquer it"
  • Ayyobid Sultanate (Cross and Cresent) - "We accidentally made the Ummayyads. Sorry"
  • Holy See (Shortest Map Game Ever) - "That was fun while it lasted"
  • Abbasids (PM4) - "All my friends are vassals"
  • Ngarrindjeri (PM4) - "We CAN ride kangaroos. I'm not mad, you're mad"
  • United Arab Republic (Rise of the Arabs) - "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the body count"
  • Roman Empire (Age of Authority) - "Accomplish nothing."

Map Game flags

Principia Moderni III

Ninety-Five Theses


Principia Moderni IV


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