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Hi! I work mainly on the Scotland says "Yes" Timeline, but also have contributed to the 1983: Doomsday TL, and am interesting in helping with more.

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StirlingAward2016.png Scotland Says "Yes"

Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom in 2014, causing global political, economic and cultural repurcusions. Winner of 2016 Best New Timeline Stirling Award.

Commonwealth Plan G

Britain invites France and Germany into the Commonwealth, and eventually the Norse Countries.

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1983: Doomsday

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SDP Victory

A more effective campaign by the SDP-Liberal Alliance results in a SDP Government (either majority or coalition), changing the face of British Politics.

British Hong Kong

The Islands of Hong Kong and Kowloon were transferred to the UK in perpetuity, whereas the New Territories were on a 99 year lease. In OTL, the British Government transferred complete sovereignty of the entire Colony of Hong Kong. However, what if the British government had held onto Hong Kong Island and Kowloon?