Alternative History
Central Victory Creator
Nationality: Flag of the United States.svg American
Ancestry: Flag of Germany.svg German
Residence: Flag of Illinois.svg Illinois, United States
Occupation: Soldier
Political views: Nationalism, Monarchism, Militarism
Political party: File:Constant top.jpg Constantian Society (U.S.)
Banner3.png Kaisertreue Jugend (Germany)
Political positions: Fiscal: Right
Foreign policy: Right
Defence: Right
Main interests:
  • European history (1400s-present)
  • Politics
  • Military
  • Debates
  • Comedy
  • Micronationalism
Althistory interests:
  • Alternate history concerning Germany and Europe
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Guten Tag everyone, my username might be a little bit unusual but it is because I am a huge contributor to another wikia site. I am a huge history and politics geek, particularly in regards to Germany. I am personally of German heritage but do not reside in Germany, I am in the U.S. and currently serving in its Army. I love the World Wars era of the Earth but I've read and theorized so many times the world if the Nazi's and the Axis won World War II. But World War II is easy to figure out on a political, racial, and economic level of what it would be like. World War I is much more interesting to me because it is more chaotic and tensions were higher then I think. When I first started creating the timeline Central Victory I researched as much as possible when I began. I am still finding out new information that I try to add when I can. Another problem was bias and opinion, I am personally anti-communist. And the problem was I noticed I made Russia (a communist state in the timeline) the main source of evil in the world. I went back and rewrote it a bit to both fit the timeline as I theorized it would occur and not make Russia so monstrous. If you get a chance to read Central Victory feel free to leave comments, questions, and concerns either on my talk page or the discussion page on the main article. Thanks for viewing my user page and I hope you enjoy the timeline.

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Central Victory

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All images are either created by me or OTL photos that I manipulated to fit the timelines context. Photos I use in the timeline are not owned by me and credit is given to their proper copyright owners. Images like most maps and flags are legally owned by me and may not be used without my permission.