Name Nick
Gender Male
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Ethnicity Biracial (Black/White)
Ancestry Paternal
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria (20%)
Flag of Benin Benin/Togo (7%)
Flag of Cameroon Cameroon/Congo (7%)
Flag of Ghana Ivory Coast/Ghana (4%)
Flag of Senegal Senegal (3%)
Flag of the Central African Republic Central Africa (2%)
Flag of Mali Mali (<1%)
Flag of the Cherokee Nation Cherokee (<1%)
Flag of Ireland Ireland (18%)
Flag of Poland Poland (16%)
Flag of France France (13%)
Flag of Sweden Sweden (5%)
Flag of Finland Finland (2%)
Flag of England England (<1%)
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About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my page. I am currently a senior in high school. I love geography, history, and coins. In college I wish to pursue studies in business and political science. After college my goal is to either pursue a career in management and/or politics.

Wiki Participation

Map Games

  1. Principia Moderni III (1400):
    Raigamaflag Kingdom of Raigama
    Empire of Lanka 1891 Empire of Lanka
    Flag of Nk&#039;s Netherlands 2 Kingdom of the Netherlands
    Flag of the IC Indo-Aryan Commonwealth
  2. Arab Winter (2011)
    Flag of Qatar State of Qatar
  3. Triple Entente vs. Central Powers (1901): 
    Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 Kingdom of Greece
    Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 Moderator and Mapmaker
  4. Ninety-Five Theses (1517):
    Flag of Florence Republic of Florence
  5. Emancipation (1861):
    Flag of Colombia United States of Colombia
    NicDonalds Flag of Gran Colombia United States of Gran Colombia
  6. Principia Moderni IV (1400):
    Pavillon royal de la France Kingdom of France (Valois)
    PMIV Logo Inverted Former Head Mapmaker
    Flag of Brésil Nic United Empire of Brésil
    PMIV Logo Inverted Head Mapmaker
    Early Swiss cross Swiss Confederacy


  1. Political Simulation Game as Representative Terrence Brighton (D-NY)
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