In 1944, France was divided into the zone libre and Vichy France. These regions were later reunified following the fall of Vichy France and the Liberation of France, and history continued with a proud, united France.

But what if the two regions of France never reunited? What if the Germans were able to hold onto Vichy France, resulting in a occupation zone? Welcome to A Tale of Two Frances.

Map TO2F

Points of Divergence

  • 1944: Operation Dragoon fails, so the Germans hold onto Vichy France. The Germans manage to keep Vichy France even after they are pushed out of Germany.
  • 1945: A second Allied invasion of Vichy France commences, this time successful.
    • To the dismay of the French, the Soviets set up an occupation zone here, claiming that the Vichy citizens may not be loyal to the French.
  • 1946: The Soviets defy the West by creating sattelite states in their occupation zones, and demand the French, British, and Americans to hand over their occupation zones in Berlin; they refuse.
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