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Alternate History

  • Marquis's Land: The Rise of a Superpower - A book by a team of historians.
    • PoD: The Marquis impactor fails to hit the "Marquis Isles", instead hitting remote Siberia.
    • The Marquis Isles develop, where kingdoms settle. The people are dubbed "Anglish", derived from the Anglians of nearby Alngia (also from English language). A superpower emerges from the Marquis Isles. They end up dominating colonial North America, capturing Louisiana, Florida, and New Netherland. North America ends up more united as a result. The English language is also spoken worldwide.
    • Differences from OTL: The Qing dynasty still rules. Germany still never unites. Canada remains French.


  • Would be most likely discovered by the French. However, the Netherlands and/or the chief North American power (either Louisiana or New Orange) may play parts in discovering the Internet.


  • Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Rouillé (OTL Toronto)

Russian Civil War

  • Without WW1, it would be later. Without Germany to return Lenin from his exile, the Bolsheviks would be weaker or simply not succeed.
    • Most independence movements would succeed, and these nations would never be part of the USSR.
    • Alaska would gain indepedence and fight on the White Russian side, perhaps with support from the rest of North America.
    • If the Bolsheviks fail altogether, this may have drastic impacts on the outcome of TTL's Manchuria and Korea.

Napoleon, France, Belgium, and New Caledonia

  • POD: Napoleon, a Corsican, would remain Genoan, since there was no Britain to support the Corsican Republic; the rebellion would be suppressed.
  • The French Revolution would be later, so Napoleon would miss his time to ascend to rule; he wouldn't be interested, anyway, since he is Genoan.
  • The July Revolution never happens after the Revolution due to no Congress of Vienna and Bourbon Restoration (because of no Napoleonic Wars), and France remains a under Bourbon rule the whole time.
  • This means that without French intervention, the Ten Days' Campaign would be successful. Belgium would lose the Belgian Revolution and remain part of the Netherlands.
    • The Treaty of Brussels ended the failed Belgian Revolution, forming the constituent countries of the present-day Mainland Netherlands. These constituent countries would have some degree of autonomy and be able to handle local affairs, while foreign affairs are handled at the federal level.
      • Similar to the OTL constituent republics of the United Kingdom and Denmark, and similar to the TTL republics of Prussia and Russia (also in OTL).
    • The Flemish Movement (the movement to separate from Belgium) would be on the rise already during the Belgian Revolution, so Flanders would become its own constituent country.
  • Since New Caledonia was colonized by the French in OTL on the orders of Napoleon III, a prominent Genoan political in TTL, Genoa would end up colonizing New Caledonia (which is named New Liguria in TTL).

Treaty of Brussels

  • Signed in 1831, after the Ten Days' Campaign, as a compromise to end the Belgian Revolution.
  • Terms:
    • Belgium shall cease its claim to independence.
    • The Mainland Netherlands shall decentralize into constituent countries: are the Netherlands (the central part of the Republic of the Netherlands), Belgium, and Luxembourg.
      • The constituent country of Belgium shall constitute the Southern Netherlands, with the exception of Luxembourg and northeastern Limburg. Limburg is partitioned between Belgium and the Netherlands the same way as in OTL.
  • The formation of the constituent country of Flanders is not a direct consequence of the Treaty of Brussels. Rather, the Dutch-speaking northern provinces would split from Belgium to form their own constituent country, since the Flemish movement started (in both OTL and TTL) during the Belgian Revolution.

Indian Subcontinent

  • Most of OTL British Raj would probably end up Dutch.
  • Without being handed over to the British, the Dutch colony of Ceylon would probably survive; OTL Sri Lanka becomes the Flag of Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Ceylon.
  • Portuguese Goa would still be conquered by an independent India. However, if India remains divided, it could possibly survive.
  • Bangalesh could be part of an independent Bengal, originally a Dutch colony.
  • During the French Civil War, the Dutch would conquer French possessions in India. This could perhaps confirm a unified India, perhaps undergoing partitions like in OTL.
  • The Maratha Confederacy and several other Mughal successors could survive, uncolonized; it is unlikely the Dutch or French could create a princely state system like the British did.


  • Flag of Bangladesh Republic of Bengal (Capital: Hugli-Chuchura)
    • OTL: Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, portions of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, and Balasore
  • Flag Republic of Malabar (Capital: Cochin)
    • OTL: Kerala and Kundapur
  • Flag Republic of Surrate (Capital: Surrate
    • OTL: Gujarat, and Burhanpur
  • Flag Republic of Coromandel (Capital: Nagapatnam
    • OTL: Andhra Pradesh and portions of Tamil Nadu
  • Flag of France French India (French Overseas Territory)
    • OTL: Puducherry and Chandannagar
  • Flag of Denmark Frederiksøerne (Constituent country of Denmark)
    • OTL: Nicobar Islands
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal (Capital: Kathmandu)
    • OTL: Nepal and Sikki
  • Flag of Mysore Kingdom of Mysore
  • Flag of the Maratha Empire Maratha Confederacy
  • Oc imperial pt flag of portuguese india by vexilologia-d91my7u Republic of Goa (Capital:Nova Goa)
    • OTL: Goa, Daman and Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli

French Civil War Aftermath


  • The ATL Congress of Vienna (established after the French Civil War) would install a monarch in the House of Lorraine as the Duke of Alsace-Lorraine, an HRE protectorate.
  • With the collapse of the HRE in the late 19th or early 20th century, France may attempt to retake Alsace-Lorraine.
  • If not, Alsace-Lorraine will become an independent Duchy (possibly a Grand Duchy by this time) under a personal union with Greater Austria.

The Congo

  • Leopold II, king of Belgium, was the one with interests in the Congo, resulting in a Belgian Congo. However, since the Belgian Revolution is unsucessful, Leopold would become the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Assuming it is part of a Prussian Thuringia, the Congo would more likely end up Portuguese or French.
    • However, if more research points to a more independent Thuringia (a confderation of sorts), we may have a "Thuringian Congo." (this is unlikely)

People & Alternate Destinies

  • Xi Jinping - Due to the Qing surviving, Communism would never take hold. Xinping would never go into politics or rise to power.
  • Liu Junning - Chinese liberals like Liu Junning would me far more likely to be elected in a non-Communist regime.
  • Mao Zedong - Possible founder of the Communist Party of Qing China.
    • As former monarchies and empires adopted democracy into regimes, China felt increasing pressure to adopt democracy. The particular final push was the fall of Imperial Japan after the Pacific War. As democracy was formed, political factions would assemble into political parties. Mao would be about the age he established the OTL PRC, so he would be the right age to found a Communist Party in China. Of course, the Communist Party wouldn't be the dominant party, since Chinese democracy is more likely to adopt a multi-partyl system, and certainly a more liberal regime than the OTL PRC.

Subjects Worth Discussing

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  • Economies of North American nations
  • Dutch and Spanish colonies in Aotearoa
  • Reviewing plausibility of a modern HRE

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  • Could be used for a "Military of New Orange" article.
  • Colonies of OTL German Empire. Could be used as a basis for Prussian colonies.
  • A picture of c. 1900 New Amsterdam.
  • A bilingual sign in OTL Quebec. Could be used in an article on English or Anglia.


French Civil War
French Revolution Montage (No Napoleon)
Date 1789 - 1810s
Location Europe, Indian subcontinent, South America, West Indies
Result Royalist victory

• Independence of Louisiana, Canada, Guiana, the West Indies, and Anglia

• Establishment of Alsace-Lorraine.

• The Netherlands annexes the Southern Netherlands

• Santo Domingo returns to Spanish rule.

Royal Standard of the King of France French Royalists

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Holy Roman Empire

Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria

Blason louis II de Hongrie Hungary

Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1803-1892) Prussia

Flag Portugal (1750) Portugal

Statenvlag Netherlands

Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia Sardinia

Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of France French Nationalists

Flag of Spain Spain

POL COA Ciołek Polish Legions

Flag of the Batavian Republic Batavian revolutionaries

Pro-Independence Movements:
Banniel Breizh 1.0 Anglia

Flag of the West Indies Federation West Indies

Flag of Louisiana (February 1861) Louisiana

Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Canada

Flag of French Guiana Guiana

Flag of Cross of Burgundy Santo Domingo

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