Alternative History
Name Ownerz
TSPTF Ranking: Constable
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Russian, Polish
Residence: Maryland
Occupation: Student
Political views: Social Democrat
Political party: Democratic Party (eventually)
History interests:
  • Wars, Warfare, and Weapons of such
  • European, American, and Asian history
  • Leaders, mainly Napoleon and George S. Patton
  • Reading (Mainly Harry Turtledove)
  • Alternate History
  • Video and Computer Games
  • Watching TV (Mainly Sitcoms)
  • Sports

Hi, I'm Ownerzmcown and I Iove Map Games. I'm kind of a nerd and love Digimon, Pokemon, and all that good stuff. If anybody has anything to say about me don't hesitate to add it to my page! If you are reading this sentence it means you're a worthless loser who has nothing better to do with their time but read my user page on a wiki with like 15 members.

Current Articles-

Qu'il Tous

Glory Timelines: In Progress'

1983: Doomsday:


Serbia (With Lordganon)


My Political standing- Social Democrat

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This is what I got the second time I took this quiz, as I now completely undestand socialist and communist theories:


April Fools

This is an entry that I thought would be fun if we ever decided to make an annual contest where we put something funny up on the home page:

Welcome to the Althistory Wiki, here we hope you enjoy your experience on this wiki and learn to love your experince here. However if you decide to become a member of this wiki we would like to tell you about the Map Games. The Map Games are a series of games where you will find that with each post, the map will change, and you will have fun. But eventually these games tend to get fast-paced, and soon you will spend half of your day just sitting in front of your computer and playing these games. Soon you will try to create a country in 1983: Doomsday, and after the critisicms start coming in you will realize you have to start making changes every hour until people are happy. And soon you will be forced to spend every waking moment on this website and soon your social life will detiorate. Your girlfriend will leave you (provided anybody who actually goes on this site actually has a girlfriend) and your friend will start to abandon you. But you will become friends with the members of this site, and soon, the site itself. Yes, the site is your friend, it will always be there for you until the end of time, and soon you will learn to love it. But then the site will stab you in the back after you learn it controls your life, you've realised that if you leave your computer the country you've become fixated in a map game will dissappear because some idioy believes a country with like a population of 5000 would rally try to invade Greece, then you will get more and more irritated until you have a mental breakdown. Then you will realize the site is your only true friend, that you must become one with the site, the site loves and wants to be with you forever. YOU CAN TRY TO RUN, BUT RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE FROM THE SITE! YOU ARE TO BE ASSIMILATED! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE PUNY HUMAN!!!!!!

Ownerzmcown 02:34, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

P.S. If anybody else thinks they can beat that, then post it on here, I dare you!

Welcome to Althistory Wiki, the website 100% dedicated to alternate history. Of course, most of what we do is actually in map games, a series of posts in which people make completely implausbile claims and then someone makes a map on MS paint. Soon, you will found a tiny timeline, then you will forget about it. A month later, you will look at your timeline and realise you have absolutely no inspiration to improve it or even complete it, and that it basically just duplicates somebody else's work. So you'll try it again... and again... but will you delete the waste of space that was your original timeline! Never! The admins will weep with the opressive workload, and you will be responsible, you monster!. Likely after that, you will try to edit 1983:Doomsday. But then you will realise that there is absolutely nothing you can do on that timeline without violating cannon. Yes, this is because some arrogant jerk when around creating a million useless stubs, stiffling your creativity and becomming cannonized because they got there first. How do you like it? After spamming the talk page with your useless hate mail, you will join a map game and make wildly implausible claims, or abandon it from day one. Don't feel bad, almost everyone does it. After wasting this sites space, infuriating all the hard-core users, and depleting your supply of imagination and creativity, you will leave this site. There is no escape. Michael Douglas 01:11, November 30, 2010 (UTC)