Alternative History
  • Hello you may recgonize me as ''poof'' i'm a guy who's fanatic of videogames and movies (just like in those person in general sort of maybe). I love the series of star war it make me happyand have fun watching since uh oh? i love disney too is because it's popular why not also i do music (bad at making Imao) but i like well writing timelines and those topic diccusion in intereset as a fanatic of games i'm more a action-adventure guy first person and RPG count too (specially Nintendo ofc) the god of maker games and good thing of mario what a piece of NOT mistake which people are enjoying i also writes timeline and thing did i explain that already? oh my bad i can be like that sometime :) a fact that is i'm a african-american yes well not really but a north african native and come from Canada i live in the french territory part and i'm currently in high school to studies i can be inactive for a lot reason about it if you wanna talk about it also i've adopted a nation from my native language about doomsday is Morocco.
  • Fact of my nationality:
  • French
  • Arab
  • sort of i forgot...

My timeline

  • New era- somewhat timeline i'm currently working in it..
  • Independent Republic Scenario- is a kind of scenario that i'm collaborate with nick and do some republic stuff to write and kind of those theme.

Random qoute

venus sound like a haunted microwave

25 Blapshemy!and hersey!