Social Democratic Union Party
Chairperson Ratcolor
Deputy President Sithlent
Vice Secretary Vacant
Founded 2015
Ideology Radicalism

Social democracy
Social liberalism

Radism (See below)
Official colors Yellow
Members in the TSPTF None
Members of the Senate None

The Social Democratic Union Party, founded in 2015, is a political party advocating for the promotion of radical and social reform, wiki wide.

The Social Democratic Union Party subscribes to the idea of "Radism", named for its founder Ratcolor, which is comprised of three major tenets: social justice, economic independence, and political sovereignty. Radism rejects the extremes of both capitalism and communism, and also aims to mediate tensions between the classes of society, with the state responsible for negotiating compromise in conflicts between managers and workers.


  • Weakening or abolition of wiki-specific bans and their respective legislation, for incidents of non-harmful sockpuppeting.
  • Increased enfranchisement; abolition of voting restrictions, such as the edit count, for government elections.
  • Coexistence and assimilation of "mappers"; an end to wiki raids via diplomatic solutions.
  • Lessening of punishments for crimes outside the wiki, including crimes committed on other wikis or social media.
  • Creation of clear rules for chat and other aspects of the rules, including bans and their applicable punishment.


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