Alternative History
Recognition of the Duke of Anjou as King of Spain.png

Recognition of the Duke of Anjou as King of Spain,
under the name of Philip V, 16 November 1700 by François Gérard.


Battle of Villaviciosa by Jean Alaux, 1836.
″The battle placed the crown on the head of the Catholic king [Philip V].″

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My name is Ratcolor or Rad (as recommended by users on chat to differentiate myself from a different user), and I am a avoid fan of history and writing. I was told of this wiki by a friend and decided to join. I hope to be a useful contributor to this wiki, helping out as much as I can and perhaps even creating my own timeline(s).

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  • Fiat Iustitia - My first timeline, focusing on a number of points of divergence in the eighteenth century.

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