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Althistory Interests
  • Greek & Roman History
    (esp. 399 BCE - 311 CE)
  • History of Science
  • History of Technology
  • History of Moral Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
    (800 - 1450 CE)
  • Early Modern Philosophy
    (1600 - 1800 CE)
  • Economic History
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The whole point of the laws is to allow the citizens to live supremely happy lives in the greatest possible mutual friendship.

- The Athenian, Plato's Laws 5.743c

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About me

As someone who studies physics and philosophy, my approach to history is perhaps dryer than will appeal to some people. I'm always interested in hearing ways that a more personal touch (so to speak) could be added to my historical narratives, since this remains quite a large gap in the way that I approach my writing.

Areas of history with which I am most familiar are Roman history from the Early Republic up to the reign of Diocletian, the history of ethics in general, and the history of physics from the Early Greek φυσιολόγοι up to Newton. I'm not unfamiliar with European history in general, at least West of the Rhine, but my interests there lie largely in how socio-political events helped shaped scientific and philosophical progress from the Antique to the Early Modern periods.

Feel free to message me on my talk page if you have any questions or suggestions for any of my writing here or if you want to chat about science, history, or philosophy (within or outside of the context of alternate history).

My Timelines

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Current Work

I'm returning to working on alternate history, with the plan of overhauling my main timeline with an earlier PoD and a new plan for its direction.

In addition to the protection of all content of my writing under copyright laws, I will hunt you down if you plagiarize any of it. I have worked on the Current version of Superpowers under a different name in another community, where it is referred to as Sæculum Novum. That experience has given me a better perspective on what the timeline needs and will inform my writing going forward.

History Bites

  • Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried with 8,099 life-size clay soldiers, his terracotta army, using real troops as models for each soldier
  • Vasco de Gama's first trading expedition to India in 1498 had a 6,000% profit margin
  • Parts of Napoleon's body were dissected in 1821 and the Little Corporal's little corporal was bought in 1977 by a urologist of the Columbia University for $3,000
  • After reading the whole 1797 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, King of Iran, Fat'h Ali Shah, gave himself the new title: "Most Formidable Lord and Master of the Encyclopedia Britannica"
  • The USMC theme's famous opening about the "shores of Tripoli" is misleading since the Americans captured Tripoli from the desert not by sea
  • The British colonial government in India built a 1,300 km long hedge through the middle of the subcontinent for the express purpose of blocking salt smugglers
  • President Theodore Roosevelt, known to speak softly and carry a big stick, is the only man to be awarded both the Nobel Prize for peace and the Congressional Medal for conduct in war