Alternative History
Flag New England outline (VegWorld).jpg
Location of Riction Tokyo, Japan
Language English, some Japanese
Vegetarianism Lacto-ovo Vegetarian
Hometown Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Varieta, New England
Places Lived Charlotte (Mecklenburg County, Varieta, New England);
Chapel Hill (Orange County, Varieta, New England);
Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan);
Sundarapore City (Sundarapore),
Uxbridge (Nipmuck SAR, Massachusetts, New England);
Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture, Japan)
Places Lived (Flags) Flag New England outline (VegWorld).jpg
Flag of Japan.svg
Flag Sundarapore (VegWorld).png


Major Project: Vegetarian World (Category Page)

India becomes a major world power. The Cathars survive the crusades against them and vegetarian Catharism becomes a major religion in Europe and later elsewhere. Many other non-vegetarian related events occur, and this leads to a world not completely unlike our own, but quite different in many ways, too. The Vegetarian World has over 50 pages (and counting, as of December 2006) and is fully fleshed out (or "veggied out", as the case may be) with demographics info, maps, flags, and even some photos! (Started on September 6th, 2006)

Major Project: Easternized World (Category Page)

Instead of the West gaining power and colonizing much of the world, the East does so. Tang Dynasty China survives longer, eventually being replaced by another native Chinese dynasty that crushes the Mongols and moves on to take over much of the world. Japan and Srivijaya also become great powers and compete against each other and with China for colonies and riches. This comes to produce a more Easternized world. (Started on November 29th, 2007)

Minor Project: Peak Oil 1996 (Category Page)

(Very short; unfinished; discontinued for now; might undergo a rewrite.)

In 1956, Marion King Hubbert predicted that the peak of global oil production would occur shortly after the start of the 21st century. Unforeseen at that time was the tremendous economic growth in Asia. Thus, the Oil Peak occurred in 1996. More than 10 years later, civilization is in danger of becoming but a memory, as people now agree that Peak Oil was more momentous than the Black Death or the World Wars in human history, and much more devastating. (Started on December 10th, 2006)

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