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About me

I am an avid player of map games. My favorite is Massive Impact, where I am France. I am the creator of the Divided States of America timeline, which only has 7 pages so far but will soon have many more.

Current Projects

I am currently working on my newest TL, called Balance Point. This TL has the potential to become what My Divided States of America did not. This TL will be more in depth, and will have many other users editing it. Any editor can edit it as long as they contact me for permission first.

Name Nathaniel (will not reveal last name)
Age 14
I live Denver, Colorado (USA)
Religion Christian (Southern Baptist)
Occupation Going into 9th grade (boo!!!)
Ancestry Pick a European country, I am practicly all of them
Goals in Life (however unlikely) become a Christian musician, write and publish a book, and bring other peole to Christ
Intrests Alternate History, Reading, Guitar, and Making movies
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