hello everyone,

I´m a research assistant at a German university - no, not in the Department of History... - and relatively new both to the study of history and to writing althists.

I´m interested in althists which focus less on military aspects, battles, heads of state etc., and more on social, economic, cultural and systematically political consequences of departures from our timeline.

I´ve been writing for some months on my own althist, Abrittus. I´m very much looking forward to comments. If you want to contribute, just send me a message and we´ll try to sort it out - I´m rather new to all of this, as I´ve said before. Thanks to EoGuy and others for helping with linguistic and orthographic matters!

Althists I like are The Kalmar Union , AEtas ab Brian,  and Superpowers. I also love The Haudenosaunee, although, sadly, it presently isn`t continued.

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