WWII Nazi Victory Ideas



  • Russia doesn't go Red, leading to a weaker than OTL Russia due to the non-up to date militarialistic army and supplies as he Soviet Union. Combine that with a less harsh Russian Winter, and Hitler not diverge ring extra troops to the south, and they might just have a chance to take over the big Russian Bear.
  • Hans Valentine Hube reached the Volga at Rynok after crushing most of the defenses north of the city in September 1942, he sat there for 5 days waiting for the 14th panzer corps to catch up to his 16th panzer division. He mulled an immediate crossing to roll up all the artillery the soviets where stockpiling on the east bank of the Volga, but decided against it, fearing he could be cut off (although this likely would have compelled a general soviet withdrawal out of the city to avoid encirclement)
  • Hitler doesn't divert the 4th panzer army to Rostov, where they accomplished nothing except blocking the roads... had they stayed with army group B they would have captured Stalingrad off the march without fighting by August at the latest... Kleist and Hoth both lobbied against the 4th panzer army being relocated 1942 would have been vastly different if Hitler listened to them later, during the Russian Winter, Stalingrad and Astrakhan beat off the inevitable Soviet winter counterattack. Soviets lose a lot of oil and getting supplies through Iran becomes much harder.
  • The decision to reinforce the Afrika Korps isn't made, with the forces instead getting shipped East. The Soviets basically lose by late 1943 or early 1944.




Declaring itself neutral soon after the start of the war, Turkey was concerned about a conflict with the Soviet Union. In June 1941, after its neighbor Bulgaria joined the Axis, Turkey signed a non-aggression pact with Germany. Things stayed like this until 1944 when Turkey declared war on the Axis powers. For Germany, this represented a blown opportunity. --, #8 Worst Mistakes Made by the Axis During World War Two

Turkish troops could replace some of the troops attacking the Southern Soviet Union instead of German troops. So, this could've been a blown oppriunity by Germany.

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Mervillies du Monde

Castile Profile

Crown of Castile
Corona de Castilla
Timeline: Merivillies du Monde (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Central & Western Spain
Flag of Castile and León.svg Coat of Arms of Castile and Leon.svg
Coat of arms
Location of Castile
(and largest city)
Official languages Spanish
Regional Languages Galician
Ethnic groups  Castilian
Demonym Castillian
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  Monarch Sancho IV
Legislature Cortes of Castile
 -  Union of Castile and Leon 23 September 1230 
 -  1300 census 5,600,000 
Currency Castillian Real
The Crown of Castile or simply known as Castile is a medieval state on the Iberian Peninsula. The Crown formed in 1230 as a result of the third and definitive union of the crowns and parliaments of the kingdoms of Castile and León.



While a majority of the Crown is Catholic, a few unconverted Islamic Moors remain in the southern provinces. The nation is a very reverent and close to the Papal State

Family Tree

House of Trastámara

  • Sancho IV (1258 - 13??) (Castile)
  • María de Molina (1265 - 13??) (Castile) (Spouse)
    • Isabella (1283 - 13??) (Married James II of Aragon in 1291)
    • Ferdinand IV (1285 - 13??)
    • Alfonso (1286 - 1291)
    • Henry (1288 - 12??)
    • Peter (1290 - 13??)
    • Philip (1292 - 13??)
    • Beatrice (1293 - 1359)

Vassals/Personal Unions

None at the moment



None at the moment


None at the moment

Nintey-Five Theses

The wiki has drastically changed since the end of Principia Moderini III. We've been losing a lot of users, and have only seen a huge influx of new ones. Since then, I have never seen an massive high quality game since then. The staff of Nintey-Five Thesis promises you the best quality game since PM, and a hope that you'll enjoy your experience while part of the game.

-Staff of Nintey-Five Thesis

The Nintey-Five Thesis on the Power and Efficacy and Indulgences were written by Martin Luther and posted on the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenburg. Martin Luther's actions by posting this eventually created a chain reaction that lead to the begining of almost a century-and-a-half amount of fighting that both weakened the Holy Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church. What direction will you take in this quest? How will you face the looming, and ever growing Protestant Reformation? How will you interpret the Nintey-Five Thesis?

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  • Austria -
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  • Genoa
  • Savoy
  • Florence
  • Siena

Eastern Europe

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Southern Europe & Balkans

  • Venice -
  • Papal States -
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    • Crimean Khanate -
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