• I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Name Samuel
Age 17
Nationality Australian

Anhui, China
Xinjiang, China



Residence Sydney, Australia
Occupation University Student (B Sci/Arts)
Political Views

Rather Left-wing, Slightly totalitarian

Historical Interests
  • Any large empire's rise and fall
  • 20th century
  • Medieval History
Historical Specialties
  • Post French Revolution to Modern Day
Political Party

Australian Labor Party

Religion Roman Catholic

Hey everyone. I'm a 17 year old avid history and geography fanatic from Australia. I currently attend the University of New South Wales and am hoping to spend a year studying in Europe. I am planning to enter the realm of International Politics and hope to work for the UN in the future.

I reckon I'm pretty fun to talk with so feel free to drop by my talk page or friend me on Skype where my username is the same as AltHist. I love talking and getting to know new people.

I am active on Principia Moderni II and 1983:Doomsday where I am creating my first Doomsday page: Guangxi and have adopted Australia. I also have created the timeine Apocalypse:2012 which is open to editors. I am really good with Excel which is an invaluable tool in map games. Contact me if you need a really large set of calculations done. I will probably hit them on my weekends which would be a Friday and Saturday for you Americans since we Aussies all live in the future:P 

Current Projects (work will be slow till June)

  • Moderator on Principia Moderni II (playing as the Kingdom of Italia)
  • Editor of Australia and Guangxi on Doomsday:1983
    • Finish updating Australia (25% complete)
  • Director and Editor-in-Chief of Apocalypse:2012
    • List of strikes (90% complete)
    • Weather info for the week that the event took place
    • Editing and page creation guidelines
    • Main Page and Timeline fleshing (2% complete)
    • World map showing all nuclear detonations (10% complete)
    • World map showing all currently created nations
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