Seiga Miyako

aka Сейга Каку

  • I live in Titan, Saturn
  • I am a ghost.
Kogasa (formerly)
Motto: Pacifist East Asia, the Kogasa Way
평화 동아시아, 코가사 웨이
Anthem: Old Yuanxian
Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever
Shogun - UFO
Location: Estado de Arizona
Age: 22
Religion: Shintō/Taoist/Buddhist
Political Views Flag of Switzerland (read: Neutral)
Political Party Social Democratic Party (Germany)
Labour Party (UK)
Social Democratic Party (Finland)
Grand National Party/Saenuri (South Korea)
Democratic Party (Japan)

Hello, I'm a fan of 東方Project in case you're wondering...


Time-lines I made:

  • At the End of Spring - A sarcastic time-line on how Lech Wałęsa wanted to have Poland become a Second Japan
  • One Europe Under A Union - (With this time-line, I am trying to keep it as plausible as possible, with-out any ASB interference.)

Time-lines I adopted because it was open for adoption:

And adopted with-out adoption banner/with permission:

And, let me know of anything I done wrong. If there is problem with my time-line or anything, let me know so I can fix it.


I use mainly MS Paint to edit maps. With editing flags and coats of arms, I use either Gimp or, sometimes both.

For comics and rarely other things (mainly alternate Touhou characters), I use Create.swf.


My main favourite music is the ones from 東方Project, and many of the remixes.

My favourite music genres are: Synthpop, Trance, Electro, Techno, and Hardcore Techno. Some of my favourite music from it includes: Dougal and Gammer - Guitar Hero, Sy & Unknown - The Steel Finger, P.H.A.T.T. feat. Kate Smith - Worlds Apart (Vocal Mix), Dougal Gammer and Chris Fear - Supersonic, Dougal Gammer And Jcb - Tape Machine, Al Storm - Mad House, Dougal & Gammer feat. Jerome - Domination, Danny Byrd - We can have it all (re-con remix), Ramos Supreme MOB feat. Mandy - Catch You (Re-Con Remix), Ajaay vs Chaos - Wheres My Money, UFO & Supreme feat. Shelly Clifford - Best Days, DJ Kurt - Straight From The Underground, Ali Payami vs Aquagen ft. Warp Brothers-Phat Bass (Recon Remix), Discotronic - Tricky Disco, Miss Peppermint - Welcome To Tomorrow and some others.

I also like Japanese and Korean music...

I'm also here.




even here.

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