Sheikh Sultan

aka i don't know :(

  • I live in in my Mud Hut
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Grand Leader of Best KOREA
  • I am a apple

I love chat

forgot the date ===

  • Bozistanball: like what Hitler said in 1939 to Germany

"I'm a spiritual lyrical individual spiritual miracle lyrical individual spiritual miracle individual Skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and illest to killest the skill is the realest I'm the realest of the realest" 6:30

  • Nathan1123: hitler said that? 6:31
  • Bozistanball: yes 6:32

i forgot the date

United Republic: could you imagine if 9/11 happened before the 2004 election

George W. Bush would've won all 50 states

Feb 14 2017

Scrawland Scribblescratch: too many idiots leave cause they think we are just calling them stupid

8:31 Nathan1123: "idiots leave"

"think we are calling them stupid"

well sounds like honesty

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