• I live in our the middle of our street ♫.
  • I was born on January 11
  • I am not a attack helicopter
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Ancestry Maternal


Hometown Twinleaf Town/New Bark Town
Residence Canada
Age 272
Philosophy My own
Political Views
Languages Flag of Quebec French (native)
English language English (excellent)
Flag of Japan Japanese (beginner-level)
Flag of Manchuria (Russian America) Manchu (almost non-existant)
Too Geezeroic1

"History is the most beautiful tale of all because it combine everything : The tragic, the comic, the joy, the sadness. And all under one roof: The roof behind every fiction"

Hi i'm SigmaHero045, and i would love to contribute to the Doomsday 1983 scenario in making it more solid and coherent. I'm a huge fan of history and i can be of a great help in term of historical probabilities and background. I'm also very creative (with this huge modesty i have).

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