Alternative History
Nationality Flag of Canada.svg Canadian
Ancestry Maternal


Hometown Twinleaf Town/New Bark Town
Residence Canada
Age 274
Philosophy My own
Political Views
Languages Flag of Quebec.svg French (native)
English language.svg English (excellent)
Flag of Norway.svg Norwegian (intermediate level)
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese (beginner-level)

"History is the most beautiful tale of all because it combine everything : The tragic, the comic, the joy, the sadness. And all under one roof: The roof behind every fiction"

Hi i'm SigmaHero045, and i would love to contribute to the Doomsday 1983 scenario in making it more solid and coherent. I'm a huge fan of history and i can be of a great help in term of historical probabilities and background. I'm also very creative (with this huge modesty i have).

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