Laura AKA Smoggy
Nationality British
Hometown Democratic Republic of Teesside
Age 31
Occupation: Forester / Environmental Conservationist
Political party: Green Party.

I have written pages for 1983: Doomsday:


Membership badge of the TSPTF


Winner of the 2011 Stirling
for Best Female Writer of 2010


Winner of the 2012 Stirling
for Best Female Writer

helped out with

Adopted Doomsday pages:

I am a member of Time Stream Protection Task Force or TSPTF originally as a constable. I was promoted to Lieutenant on 2nd June 2011

I won the 2011 Stirling award for best female writer and won it again in 2012, although it has been noted that I may be the only female writer.

a few more of the pages that i have written

Roman rebellion

No Mediterranean Sea

Napoli supervolcano

pandemic:death of the old world

What if Bloody Mary had a twin brother?

The great black death

Island of east Africa

The end of New Orleans

The end of oil

prime minister John Smith

The Assasination of Robert Mugabe

Jesse and Elvis Presley - kings of rock and roll

The little ice age was not so little

1495 - Death of Columbus

No native American's

Caeser lives

Later outbreak of HIV/AIDS

Death of a President - 2003

Death of a Queen

No Jacobite pretender

new, New Madrid quake

Cascadia earthquake

British Tsunami

Impact Antartica

Flood Basalt Eruption

London tornado swarm

Blue Mars

The Rise of Civilization - 15,000 BC

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