• Above and Beyond - A timeline that I currently don't have a Point of Divergence for. Originally something planned around the collapse of the Roman Empire, it developed into a decisive British victory in the 100 Year's War. As of now, I have one page resembling a piece from the former idea, but I do have a lot stuff idealized, just not posted about. This is what I want my flagship timeline to be, so quality over quantity.
  • Pac's Life Goes On - A scenario considering the possibility of what the current state of hip-hop, as well as music and life in general, would be like if 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) was never shot and subsequently killed.
  • Path To Paradise - A timeline primarily divulging into the realm of Islam and the Middle East. The Point of Divergence: What if Muawiyah I did not appoint Yazid, thus resulting in the continuation of the elective Caliphate office and furthering the lifespan of the still young Rashidun Caliphate?

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