Hafsid Caliphate


Capital Tunis
Languages Arabic, Berber, Italian, Latin, German
Religion Sunni Islam
Shia Islam
Catholic Christianity
Government Caliphate
 •  1394-1434 Abu al-Aziz II
Historical Era Renaissance
 •  Established 1229
 •  Libyan Crusade 1394 - 1406
 •  Disestablished 1494
Currency fils

The Hafsid Caliphate (Arabic: الحفصيون‎ الخلافة al-Khilāfah al-Ḥafṣiyūn) is a theocratic nation located in Ifriqiya. Based around Tunis, the Hafsid Caliphate is one of the spiritual successors to the Almohad Caliphate, currently ruled by the Hafsid dynasty — a Sunni Islamic dynasty of Berber descent. Following the Libyan Crusade, the territory of the Caliphate was reduced to modern-day Tunisia, although would re-conquer it's former territory in the Libyan Jihad nearly twenty years following the prior Crusade.  


Abu al-Aziz II

The Libyan Crusade

The Barbery Jihad


Muhammad III

Hafsid Renaissance

Muhammad IV


Federal government

The Caliph is the highest religious office of the state, exerting executive authority over the designated territories under the Caliphate. The authoritary of the Caliph is strictly hereditary to the Hafsid dynasty, with the authoritary selectively ceded through patriarchal succession. The Hafsid dynasty was originally founded by Abu Muhammad Abd al-Wahid ibn Abi Hafs, the Almohad governor of Ifriqiya, in 1207, although the dynasty wouldn't retain sovereign authority over Ifriqiya until 1228 when his grandson Abu Zakariya Yahya was proclaimed Sultan of Ifriqiya. His successor, Muhammad I al-Mustansir, would proclaim himself Caliph of Ifriqiya after the collapse of the Almohad Caliphate and with the dynasty's success being seen as the true successor to the Almohad dynasty. Other titles held by the Caliph include Amir al-Mu'minin (tr. "Leader of the Faithful").

Caliphs of Islam
Regnal name Born Reigned Notes
Abu al-Aziz II 1366 (Tunis) 1394-1434 (40 years)
Muhammad III 1389 (Tunis) 1434-1461 (27 years)
Muhammad IV 1418 (Tunis) 1461-1480 (19 years)



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