Alternative History


Hi! I’m really into alternate history! I’m going to eventually create some articles on this website so you’re going to real excited on what I’ll share! I avoid at all costs since I got permanently banned from it for posting a lot of sports related topics and using the same starting phrase over and over again which makes no sense since I've done so on Quora where I've never gotten into trouble at all for doing so. There are many other reasons why I dislike that aformentioned website as I consider it to be a completely messed up website to where I'd urge everyone to avoid it completely. For instance, there are separate sections for alternate history before 1900 and for alternate history after 1900 which makes no sense at all as it would make sense if both sections were merged together. Also, I tried emailing the administrators at to reinstate my account even using excuses such as the coronavirus and Kobe Bryant's death to no avail whatsoever as they kept ignoring my emails to where I have completely forgotten about that. Plus, I completely disagreed with what they told me for the topic I created about what might've been had Roger Ebert been a guest caller on Frasier. I even heard that tends to go down once in a while which is another reason to avoid it at all costs.

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