Alternative History


Hi! I’m really into alternate history! I’m going to eventually create some articles on this website so you’re going to real excited on what I’ll share! I avoid at all costs since I got permanently banned from it the day after I created a topic where the Phillies never collapse in the 1964 MLB season because they objected over me spamming "what if" one-liners which is really unfair because you could see extensive use of "what if", whether it's a one-liner or not, especially the book Alternate Presidents which has 17 uses of "what if" in the introduction. Plus, I completely disagreed with what they told me for the topic I created titled "Roger Ebert is a guest caller on Frasier" as the info they gave me is actually false as the guest callers don't talk about random stuff, they talk about stuff that does actually relate to them, another main reason why I avoid Even worse, I've heard that Ian & CalBear kick and ban way too many people from it. So, just stick to this website along with others or even create your own alternate history website.

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