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Hi! I'm really into alternate history! I'm going to eventually create some articles on this website so you're going to real excited on what I'll share! I avoid at all costs since I got banned from it by CalBear, the day after I created a topic where the Phillies never collapse in the 1964 MLB season because he objected over me using a lot of "what if" one-liners which he called spamming while it really wasn't. It's really unfair because you could see extensive use of "what if", whether it's a one-liner or not. The book Alternate Presidents is a great example since it has eighteen uses of "what if" in the introduction along with three additional uses of it in italics. What's worse than that is where he objected over what I was posting. Even worse, I've heard that the mods & admins are terrible people as they kick and ban way too many people and lock threads at times when they shouldn't. So, just stick to this website along with others or even create your own alternate history website. Also, I completely disagreed with the info I was given for a topic I created titled "Roger Ebert is a guest caller on Frasier" since on Frasier, the guest callers don't talk about random stuff; they talk about stuff that does in fact relate to them, another main reason why I avoid In the meantime, I'll just take it to my own account and create scenarios involving Roger Ebert as a guest caller on Frasier which will reference both movies he disliked and other stuff he was against at the time. It'll be much like when Timothy Kandra made an analyzed review of the 2006 movie Zoom on his own because no one on YouTube had done so, but he felt there should be one. Even though it took him two years to make, it's one of the best movie reviews I've ever seen on YouTube.

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