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== Disclaimer ==
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Here at Alt History Wiki we create hypothetical worlds but we know the best way forward for the people of ''this'' world is to live together in happiness and peace.
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Thank you for your understanding, and please enjoy the ''Communist Controlled America ''project.

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Proposed Writing for the Ukraine Article

Ukraine Ukrainian: Україна, tr. Ukraina is a country located in Eastern Europe.  Ukraine part of the Russkoslovie world was a part of successive Russian states for centuries before becoming independent in 1991. Currently Ukraine has emerged as a major breadbasket for the European continent, since the fall of the Soviet Union Ukraine has maintained relations with the Russian Socialist Republic as a primary trading partner. Traditionally Ukraine has been considered to be the cradle of the Russkoslovie civilization despite having a distinct identity apart from Russia.


Russian Empire

Since the 1830's Ukraine has been a source of immigration to the New World, particularly the historical and the present Alaska. Ukrainians first came to Alaska in large numbers during the Russo-Spanish war when Alexander I of Russia ordered large scale conscription of the Ukrainian oblasts for the American war. The Cossack divisions that fought in this war also came in large scale from Ukraine. Reportedly this caused isolated local protests .

After the war the attitude among Ukrainian peasantry and nobility changed, seeing Alaska as a route out of oppressive conditions at home.With most Ukrainians being at first barred from emigration in the early colonial period the imperial administration considered permitting and even encouraging large scale settlement of Alaska from Ukraine's population but efforts did not materialize until the turn of the century. A 1842 general proclamation was issued promising monetary rewards to nobility who permitted their serfs to go to Alaska but local Ukrainians were not enthusiastic in immigrating until the 1890's

Some landowners in Ukraine themselves went to Alaska to engage in the emerging mining industry, others started large homesteads in Sonora. Difficulties remain in determining the size of Alaska's fledgling Ukrainian community as Ukrainians were not recognized any Russian government as a separate group from Russians until the October Revolution. Tracing family lineage from Alaskan Ukrainians continues to be important in charting Ukrainian Alaskan history Fearing unrest many nobility were weary for permitting serf emigration out of fear of losing all their peasantry at once. Over time such permissions in Ukraine became more common as some landowners used the monetary rewards to take place in the empire's emerging market economy.

See: Alaskan Cossacks

Those Ukrainians that did come to the New World between 1825 and 1890 were mostly Cossacks. Originally attached to regular army deployments Moscow saw the need to permit Cossack to have their own holds- or communities on inland territories both to protect the eastern border and pacify native Alaskans-. Many of the most remote holds enjoyed effective independence from colonial authorities as long as they provided security for the area. However as colonial authority became centralized and attempted to reign in frontier men some Cossack groups turned to effective outlaws. Both rouge and loyal Cossacks famously became Kovboi or cowboys as they were known in the United States, Mexico and Borelia today inspiring the Kovboi Nicholaski blockbuster franchise.

From the 1890's as many of 10% of Ukraine's able bodied men emigrated as a massive exodus from Ukraine began to see large voluntary resettlement of Ukrainians to far flung areas of the empire, including Kazakhstan, Southern Siberia, the Far East and the America Krail.

. Landlords attempted to slow this down by implementing local restrictions on leaving the country even if they were no longer attached to any estates. The empire still encouraged emigration due to a will to quickly settle far flung locations and to reduce dissent in Ukraine. As many as 1,000,000 Ukrainians left for Alaska, part of the nearly four million Ukrainians who left between 1890 and 1910. Many who left were from western Ukraine and often were part of the Catholic minority in Ukraine.  As the old estates continued to lose labor some began to pay higher wages for the peasants who remained, eventually some peasants bought land for themselves creating a new planter class. Certain cities such as Rostov na Danu and Kiev grew while some post feudal homesteads in Ukraine came to a grinding halt. Ukraine's proletarian and middle class grew through the turn of the 20th century.

Turn of 20th century

Ukraine in 1900 was a quickly developing country resembling both the modernized western Europe and the modernizing eastern Europe. A new urban middle class took upon Ukrainian nationalism while giving Russian culture some of its richest works. Cites became an increasing center of protest from both students and factory workers, demonstrating for different reasons.

Rural Ukraine had become a more equal society after the end of Feudalism and the exodus to Alaska but by 1910 those peasants that had become successful in owning their own land were now falling under pressure of an increasingly industrial economy, many fell in debt to old nobility or entrepreneurs.

The first World War shook Ukraine to the core as parts of the country were owned by both Austria and the Russian empire Ukrainians fought on both sides of the war,  both empires were ruined by the war. The war created Ukrainian resolve for revolution and many Ukrainians took part in the October Revolution of 1917, as different factions of revolutionaries including Whites, Communists and Anarchists Ukraine was left devastated. 500,000 Ukrainians left, mostly for Alaska in the 1914-1924 period. Forcibly after attempted independence and civil war Ukraine was brought back into Russia through the Soviet Union in 1924.

Soviet Ukraine

The closing of foreign travel of the Soviet Union in the late 20's restricted the movement for most people as did also the internal passport system. Communication and travel between family members within the Soviet Union became impossible. It is a misconception that Ukrainians call this the "crying time" only because of the Holdomor but this also refers to the traditional union of extended families even when members are separated from each other. Some Ukrainian communists who were judged to have substantial political loyalty were permitted to travel though some who came to see family were not allowed to leave.

Soviet Secret police included Ukrainians in their False Flag operations. Many prominent white Ukrainian emigres from Europe and Alaska were coaxed into contributing massively to a staged nationalist movement, fewer still came to Ukraine and were executed. The resulting hysteria of such killings created wide spread suspicion between overseas Ukrainians.

Soviet Ukrainians were also assigned to encourage Ukrainian Alaskans in communist activities with mixed results. For a time in Soviet backed communists in Somona made up part of the government, while guerrillas engaged in espionage and terrorism against New Alibon and New Russia.

Following the reunification of Alaska the federation and the southern governates ruthlessly cracked down on suspected Ukrainian communists as they did against ethnic Russians. Between 1940 and 1960 Ukrainians at home and the Ukrainians abroad were almost cut off from communication entirely with few exceptions. Voluntary a brigade of Ukrainian Alaskans went to the Soviet Union to fight for the Red Army in 1943. Many of the survivors stayed in Soviet Ukraine after WWII.

Following the Alaskan missle crisis there was a relaxation on communication and travel policies for Ukrainians with long distance family members. Nikolai Podogorny as the communist party leader in Ukraine worked to liberalize relationships with ethnic Ukrainians abroad. Ukraine's economy improved as there was a limited cross investment scheme between Alaskan Ukrainian owned factories and Ukrainian state factories but this declined after hardliner Lenoid Brezhnev became general secretary of the USSR.

Though this was complicated by Ukrainian Soviets who refused to return home as was the case in 1967 incident of Marsha Kerpensky. A woman who held her Alaskan relatives at gun point refusing to be separated from her brother. Eventually local police convinced her to return to the USSR peacefully, afterwards both nations created special regulations making family related travel more difficult.

The Soviet Union and Alaska allowed family members to travel to between the two nations to visit for a limited time. The visitor permit system made a difference for Ukrainian families, for the remainder of the Cold War family visitation for Ukrainians remained an issue.

The 1970's saw a continued draw as some Soviet Ukrainians with enough resources to "compensate" the state were given exit permits to leave permanently. A fewer amount of Alaskan Ukrainians resettled in the U.S.S.R

Finally free travel became a reality for Soviet Ukraine during Glasnost, while Ukrainians traveled both ways overwhelmingly this favored emigration out of the U.S.S.R. Many state factories in Ukrainians became ghost towns as people stopped participating in the Soviet system.

See: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and Holdomor

Independent Ukraine

The fall of the U.S.S.R caused the worst economic depression in Ukraine seen in history, and a devastating emigration to Alaska even more punishing than the 89-91 glasnost emigration. Ukraine population's declined for sixteen years mostly to Alaska, Australia, Saxony, Polynesia, Mexico, Manchuria, and the reformed Russian Socialist federation.

Independent Ukraine endured economic depression and massive emigration in the first years of its success as an independent state. Many Ukrainians who left have sense become famous abroad. The Ukrainian economy and population only began to recover by 2007,  however with thriving relations with its neighbors Ukraine is again becoming a powerful economy in Eastern Europe. Ukraine too has also became the location for a new film industry based from Crimea. Recently some from the Ukrainian diaspora have returned to Ukraine according to Ukraine's 2010 census.

Within the Russkoslovie sphere Ukraine has developed a particular tourist industry and academic culture as the reputation as the place where Russian civilization begun. This correlates with a recent boom in foreign direct investment since 2010. The new relationship between Ukraine and its Russian speaking counterparts has been compared to the United Kingdom's relationship with her former colonies. The international Slavic heritage festival of Kiev has drawn thousands of tourists each year since 2012. Ukraine is at the present become a region hub for business in Eastern Europe.  


File:Alaskan Governorates Buddhism.png

Alaskan Buddhists

  • -Native American areas would convert to Buddhism to escape encroaching Russian influence just as natives in OTL kept to Eastern Orthodoxy to resist the Americans. Kalmyk and Mongol Alaskans already living in the area would reach out to natives in 19th century
  • Southern Alaska would have high Buddhist concentration due to immigrants.
  • Buddhism as a minority would be present to some degree almost everywhere, the variaties
  • of Alaskan Buddhism appeal to many groups, including Ukrainian and Russian Alaskans
  • Scandinavians wishing to keep their community together would be least likely to be Buddhist.
  • Older English Alaskans would disapprove of Buddhism but young college educated English Alaskans would convert in small levels
  • Many Native Alaskans would also be Protestants


After the Russo-Spanish war penniless adventurers and ambitious aristocracy alike clamored eastward toward the colonies. Soon Sitka a frontier fork turned into a bustling shipyard, thousands poured in with the hope of starting over. The various indigenous peoples around Yakutat remained fiercely independent until the late 1830s. Tinglit warriors still raided frontier settlements annually, but new influxes of settlers accelerated the transformation of coastal Alaska. As settlers moved in Orthodox priests followed them to bring natives into the way of life of the Russian Empire . Old Believers and persecuted minorities arrived pushing deep inland to escape contact with authorities. The clash between numerous natives, settlers, officials and religious minorities spelled into local wars. The following account was written in 1850 transmitted orally from a native Tingit Woman Hinshlai christened Marina. Following her marriage to a farmer she witnessed massacres of her people by Cossacks

Forgotten during the Alaskan Wars the accounts were rediscovered by historians in the 1980s, the story of Hinshlai has been translated into twenty languages. Selected in 2005 by the General Alaskan Society republished this as part of a series of sources on Alaska's heritage. Hinshlai- or Marina's tale is part of the huge complicated patchwork of the confrontation of Alaska's native peoples and colonization.

Signed- Andrei Jacksov

Markanov Naryshkin- The merchant from St. Petersburg

The Letters from an Oregon Doug

The Shelikov Accounts

The questions for Dima Vetrov

As part of a truth commission on the ASR performed upon reunification many people would be called up to answer for their deeds during the Socialist time. Dima was 17 upon the founding of the A.S.R , coming from a humble background of miners Dima was enthusiastic for the communist cause and joined the local red brigades. Dima is questioned about his role on the attacks that took place upon dissents, land owners and minorities. Details about life in the A.S.R emerged some of which contradict with the wholly negative image of the A.S.R including his education and rise of living standard. There are hundreds of records of former soldiers, party members officials and citizens from the former A.S.R, Dima's stands out as a reflective account through the eyes of an otherwise ordinary person that was caught up in revolution.

Interrogator's words will be in bold

February 3rd 1943, This is an interrogation from the Truth Commission on the Alaskan Socialist Republic authorized by the department of Alaskan Security and the defense secretary.

Subject Vetrov, please state your full name, date of birth birthplace and ethnic background.

My name is Dima Leon Vetrov, I was born in Befil Commune, in the Alaskan Socialist Republic on February 3rd 1905, I have Russian ancestors.

Subject Vetrov, you have misanswered the question, state your original place of birth!

I was born in Befil, and as far as what you demand I was neither part of the colonies or this new "democratic republic" as you call it. The Alaskan Socialist Republic was my home...

Enough! Subject Vetrov, are you in contempt of this investigation?

What is this? I answered your question did I not? I resigned to the fact of life, and I am not in contempt of anything but if you ask a question, I will answer with what I know to be right


Subject Vetrov, the interrogation committee finds your answer acceptable for record purposes, state the date on which you did join the Red Alaskan Army

On February 3rd 1923, but I would say that they almost joined me than the other way around?

So on your seventeenth birthday?


Subject Vetrov, how can you say that the red army joined you? Didn't you fight for them?

Because everything changed when they came to my town, I had worked through my whole life as a miner and later as a fisherman but I had never been anywhere else. While I would have otherwise been stuck where I was for the rest of my life the Red Army gave me the chances I never had. Their cause spoke to me and while I was fighting to them I thought I was fighting for the whole world to be turned better?

Do you still feel that way?

Not completely.. I mean I still support the communism but of course I don't feel the same way I did as a boy, I realized that not everything could made into how we want, and even the failings my country had.

How high in rank did you rise in the army? Eventually I rose to be a major but that took many years. I was just a "comrade" for the first three years of service before I became a lieutenant, I was later promoted after facing off Cossacks in the Alaskan Range.

Were you ever a party member?

Yes I joined the first time I came to Nugshack with my comrades in 1924, after fighting battles out on the ice and mountains for almost two years I was proud of what I was a part of, and myself. My whole life had changed by that point?

Did all of your "comrades" join the party, subject Vetrov? Many did, but not all of them, some said they didn't care about the politics, others I think now were scared.

Scared of what?

Scared of many things, you know all of the things people are worried about. Some were worried about being found as counter revolutionaries and sent to reeducation camps, but that hardly ever happened.


No, not in my unit. Most of us were a bunch of young guys, that had nothing to lose, the Communists had certainly been better to us than the others.

Do you believe that it happened to people outside your unit?

No, I still don't think so, you see funny to say this but some of us would hear ghastly stories from the Soviet Union.

Did you believe them?

I wasn't sure at the time but I didn't really care one way or the other, they are our comrades in the global revolution regardless of what some things they might have done.

Did you ever see the U.S.S.R?

Just once, after being promoted to major I was invited on a friendship tour in 1934, we sailed to Validvistock and from there took the rail to Moscow, we stayed for over a month.

Our records say you talked to some important people during your visit, would you like to talk about that?

Our group attended a conference hosted by the People's commissioner for foreign affairs Georgy Maxim Livinov, we had been told earlier that comrade Stalin had wanted to talk to us, but we never got an explanation why. Though later we were given special gifts, some of which were to be given to our leaders.

What gifts?

I received some trinkets as well as my comrades, however the head of our party was given classified letters, but I never herd of the contents of them.

Would you say you were "one" with your Soviet Brothers?

We were friends together, fighting for the same cause but we did not do everything they did and they didn't do everything we did. But the Soviet Union despite many saying it was the mother of the revolution felt really different from my country.

So you don't consider yourself a Soviet?

No! I am an Alaskan, from the real Alaska that fought for its people, they were good neighbors but they wern't us.

How was it different?

I have thought about that for many years, and I couldn't pin point it for a long time. Everything was presented so well for us, back then all I could think was "wow once I had been a slave wage earner, now I am treated like a diplomatic emissary". But I could tell there was a difference, especially on the railroad. In this massive huge country I was put in awe, but I remember feeling that the scene was forced.

Slave voyage east- Tape recorded memoir, how I became an unwilling Alaskan

Intercepts between One Rodenka and NVKD

Teaching the Republic in the 1950's

The diary of Lucya Tsukanov-

The following expert was written by Lucya Tsukanov as her personal diary during the Bering Sea Crisis. After the death of Lucya Tsukanov her daughter Tatyana Kobzar donated the following parts of her diary to the local library of Barnovsk in 2002. After being used as a source for a university's student history thesis wider attention flickered from the intellectual activity. In 2006 the General Alaskan Historical Society in conjunction with Ross University published this excerpt as part of a wider collection of Alaskan's heritage. Both the history department and the General Alaskan Historical Society are committed to keeping Alaska's history alive. As long as records are kept and stories are read Alaska's story will never fade. Signed Sergi Shapko- 2010.

Lucya breathed heavily, she felt the pressure of one of those melting bombs inside her. Looking down into her old diary she found herself withdrawing from this new life. Everyone had convinced her this marriage would make her happy, that she would even become social. Lucya had never been the light of the party but mama and uncle had said "go on, you will make us all proud".

The radio hummed in the other room, another damn Soviet story. One of the many stupid things that would get Petor in a wild rage.

With her devucki Tatyana in the cradle, Lucya got her pen. She looked back into the cradle, then she immediately turned away. A little tear fell down the cheek, how could she ever raise little beautiful Tatyana like this?

The diary, that symbol of her closed doors welcomed her back.

First Entry- September 22nd

So, its been a long since I have counseled with you my friend. Everyone told me I didn't need you but they were wrong! Wrong! All of these humans mewling about with their society and sociability! You of all are always loyal to me, maybe I am a bit too crazy but sometimes I think I hear you back.

So now I am back.

Petor was glum again last night this time about the groceries. He complained that the vegetables I had gotten for the Borsh were too expensive! How grateful is he? I raise our little daughter and make these wonderful meals for him and all he can he do is talk about the prices! He says I can't spend more than twenty Yemfolk per week, but how am I supposed to feed us all three! Especially him, he might thin as a pole but he eats like a bear! If he is not complaining he seems to be eating! I don't know why he doesn't get big! Maybe Uncle dose keep him in shape at the mill, posh! Men!

And if its not about the money or the groceries, its about the Soviets. That's all I ever hear about now! Well he is here isn't he? He is not in communist land! But oh no he goes on and on about their bombs, about their plans, their plots! How he hates his Bolshevik brother! What dose he think he is talking about? Petor wouldn't even make for much of a solider.... For all of his talk they would thrash him about and leave him for dead in their death houses in a week!

That's not fair.

Sometimes I am indeed mean diary,

I mean Petor was a little boy when the land came together again, so was I. We hardly saw this event that matters so much to our families, and kind of influences everything. I keep reminding myself to be patient after Petor's family fled, his older brother went back. Why would anyone go back willingly? After Stalin?

But my Petor has many strange relatives, like his great Uncle that fought for those Shievklov crazies twenty years ago. This stuff keeps chasing him like a bad dream. Even with little Tatyana in his arms I still see his eyes stressed. He hides it well for her, but I can see them, all of the Bolsheviks in his eyes

It would be nice if I could see my old girlfriend Masha every now and then, she is pleasant with her chay and she is almost good as you... sorry diary.

Well, its past three, I better get to cooking the "expensive dinner".

Sometimes I just want to write you a happy story.

Second Entry September 24th

Lucya looked in the mirror, she wondered is she looked a lady, the lady she had dreamed of being. Her face still fresh and young with a trim hair, yet in plainness seemed to lack the character she should have in youth.

The past couple days had really been better she told herself.

The day had a still pleasantness, not joyful but still and clear. The summer still in a weary climax stood over, almost stale.

The clock on the wall, three in the afternoon

She still had time. Lucya reached for her pen.


Hey you! The past couple days have been wonderful... really. After Wednesday, Petor has been happy, at least he hasn't complained at all. Just today, I took a break with little Tanya in the park, how she gives her little chuckle, when I see her I can swear I see me in her right eye and Petor in her left. She reaches firmly for the sky now, tried to eat a butterfly today my little cub.

Last night was funny, sister came over to see us, she didn't gag from my meal this time- what progress! I was quite proud of what I had made- something like one of those weird Doug foods but with my special touches. I forget what they call it.. anyway everyone smiled. My rascal of a little sister, she brought some chocolate but would only give it to Tatyana! My little bear turned to a little Piggy, even grim Petor smiled. What times! My sister stuck out her tongue "see little devuchki I am going to corrupt you". Ah, sister only 19, mama and papa have become more liberal with her than they ever were with me, I think she is spoiled! We turned on the new television last night- dancers from America! How they sway around- and sister has gotten to do it just like them. Fun, maybe I could if I tried.

I am looking forward to the borsh, we are making tonight.. you know diary I am not good with borsh either, but I feel like I can make it right now. If just I stir it right, anyway we will see!

Opps, I hear that little bear burping, I better check on her.

Behave my diary, you are such a good little girl to have around.

Everything really is alright.

Third Entry September 25th

Ha! I am so smart, I am just going to write with a big grin about my meal last night, I think Petor really like the meal! He didn't say much yesterday, but he just looked me and told me I was getting better. Tanya had a little sip, she giggled again! Day was again sunny so I spoiled the little cub with another stroll. I feel like a clever, lady and a good mother now.



She put down her pen, enough of that writing for today. She didn't need to say much, accept she was happy. Her attention was soon grabbed by the radio. Weird things were being said- usually those kind of things that upset Petor. She didn't really quite understand them completely but it didn't sound good. Those mushroom bombs... the Soviets wanted to bring those mushroom bombs to Shievklov.. no the Catherine islands.

She turned the radio off, none of that would meddle her fine day!

Fourth Entry September 27th

... Well, nothing really lasts long does it? Everyone around here has gone upside down again, and Petor has gotten into his sour self again. I think its all of those people work that get him into a frizzy..

On my way to Alaska- Leaving Lenin behind

Forgotten Fridays #2 - Roman Printing

Roman Printing

So have you reached the end of your work week? Or do you have a long weekend of jobs/school work before you? No matter, take a break and welcome to the second installment of Forgotten Fridays bringing to you the lost and undiscovered worlds of humanity.

Twelve years ago an anonymous user created Roman Printing and then left for the community to work on.

Here is imagined a Roman World which develops by means of a small entrepreneur the means to stamp individual letters quickly to a large audience. Later stolen by the central government, printing changes the scope of Rome in the context of administration and the spreading of unofficial ideas. Over seven articles long we can imagine how the ancient world changed for both the rulers, and the plebeians. A literary culture, and of fiction comes about over fifteen hundred years early prior to OTL.

While those in power use the new technology first, eventually religious minorities, tribal foes of Rome and populists use printing to gain an edge over their more established enemies.

Where these changes ultimately lead Rome are unanswered, as time timeline is open for Adoption the final resolution rests in the hands those brave enough to pick up the pin (or type on their keyboards) to push their way through time.

I would like to think, that with printing, the life of a Roman would be more creative, and thought provoking. I don't know is the intellectual growth would be enough to save Rome from its economic and environmental problems. Remember that stagflation, natural climate change, and new Asian diseases would continue to hurt everyone.

What may change as hinted by this T.L is that the breakdown of Rome may occur a little differently, instead than just facing civil war, or tribal invasions the people of Rome might mobilize and seek solutions for their problems with popular revolutions. Maybe instead of central authority collapsing all together to be replaced by a patchwork of Warlords we could see new kinds of governance which still stretch across Europe's landscape.

And if the 'Dark Age' of still arises, the western areas of Rome may have a faster recovery if ideas and art will have a greater audience. Think about how the peasants may think differently if they too could read or make art like those monks in Benedictine monasteries?

Regardless, some of the legionaries, slaves and shop keepers of this life would now have their share of 'Bazaar Shlock' to read at night.

What do you think would have happened if Printing arose in the Roman World?

Alternative History Challenge: Write a publication from Atilla the Hun's perspective designed to induce Roman people to see him as their new King, don't just think in terms of fear either, because ideally Atilla did not just come to pillage he was also hoping to become Rome's next emperor as well.

Whoever, writes an entry will get a special award, and standing ovation by Stepintime.

Remember, don't forget to meditate, and have fun!

Until next week!

Smoking Ashes- a 1983 Doomsday Story

Eyes opened,

And the hell stood in front gaze, painting of man's and mother earth's worse of attitudes. Door slammed onto the rock, or sand or something. The way out did not matter too much. The wall which had saved them all was gone, not that the metal had kept other vessels from taking a journey to the sky.

Hell, was all it was cracked up to be. Memories of terrible stories of evil sights below the earth could had come to mind, but no preacher's tale could explain this. For this was hell- but it was still human, the looks of the dead, and the cries of those who were envious of them. The sharp sounds of lost bullets, as well as those who found a fitting destination.

Maybe this was a huge party for all those who had chosen the wrong number in life. Back in the real life, before everything turned aside. The sky man with a beard had to make sure his rules were followed, no fun, no rock & roll. All of those delinquents who said 'hell no I'll get my fun!' ended up here.. The automatic gunfire was the warm greeting. Everyone had been given the gift of hell

Couple of the comrades fell into the ground- their punishment was over, for now. The rest of the gang's trip was just beginning, sloshing through the mushy sand beach. More 'comrades' were given leave from hell as ambitious bullets found their targets. The beach became decorated with many of these souls who now laid on ground, apparently thankful their job was done.

Jack did not get an easy way out, crouching down on the shore he trudged his way, using some of his friends for protection as he approached the beach grass. The sounds and the smells numbed Jack, all on his mind barley seeing forward. For his one goal of staying alive he chanced on luck that the defense was too preoccupied with parties more important than him. As it turned out Jack was not important enough to die (at least yet). Finding some grass to take cover of before seeing an imposing cliff in front of him. Crawling.. crawling, shoulder and shoulder, dragging along perhaps in the last country of the world.

No, this was not hell after all, not with the blood and frailty of men and boys.

Hell would have perfection, this was just life.

Suddenly, the shooting stopped

Jack's eyes squinted.


Two old men played go at a table, others would had called them adorable.

People are too overcome with Armageddon to realize that this is not our country anymore. They need to seize a grip upon reality.

What is the job of the people but to exist,? They are enduring the problem of life, what more do you want?

He popped century's old Champaign looking at his soft colleague. All of the more reason to forcibly seize the soul of the people. They must be filled with the divine spirt of what it means to be Korean! We feed ourselves, we fight for ourselves. We are still one people, dirty north-bandits not withstanding...

Hold on... he said while making his move, what of the Americans? Would send our best defense to their heaven, we need everything to shakedown the village clowns in our towns, and turn back these same refugees you detest so bitterly.

A wry smile went on his face, I herd they are sending themselves away, and maybe I give them some encouragement.

The game, was at stalemate, but he usually ended up losing, he was not surprised anymore by the antics of his long standing aqunatince, now friend.

What have you done?

I just gave them flowers and promised them pretty girls just to help them get to hell.

He had paid attentions to the myths of great grand father, over fifty years ago in the Japanese time. He knew exactly what 'hell meant'

Don't look at me like that, that solves a problem for us!

What was this I was hearing about one nation? You will send them off and they will make another country.

They will be off the mainland, and we don't expect many them to live, just enough to get rid of our bigger problem.

You really have changed, you used to be a bigger Uncle Sam than any yank I saw.

That is when they had power, before they ruined the world, big tiger killed himself, now he is little dog.

Blood, power and greed is what he drove him

Yet he always thought his patience could win over any greed in the end.

Maybe this time... he can secure this game.

'If you beat me, it still doesn't matter'

'Every drop, every step counts'.


Look around you. They want us to go, especially since you and your boys came in from Japan. Look at their faces, underneath their gaze I get the feeling of a trap being set up.

You should understand what a miracle it is that anyone alive on this peninsula country.


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