aka Drake Saravezia

  • I live in Firenze, Italy. OR. Philadelphia, USA
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is Student/Bartender
  • I am 50% Italian, 25% Welsh, 25% Scottish

Byzantine Empire

Flag of Italy (Myomi Republic)


Flag of Wales


Flag of Scotland


I am a History Major, and plan to become a junior/senior high History teacher in the future. I am well versed with world history dating from 200 BC - 1800 AD.


Ancient Mediterranean - House of Scipio, Roman Empire - Mapmaker/Mod/Creator

Crowns and Crosses - Castille-Leon - Mapmaker

Principia Moderni III - Knights Hospitaller, Aztec Empire, Ottoman Sultanate, Damascan Sultanate , French Empire

Map Game:

Lord of the Rings - Mithlond Elves - Mapmaker/Mod/Creator

Game of Thrones - House Tully of the Riverlands

Fantasy - Mapmaker/Mod/Creator

Elder Scrolls: Chaos - Helstrom - Mapmaker

if you want to know what i look like; here is a video of me dancing:

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