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I'm bac lel.
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Hello, I am 涛
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==My take on politics (what I think of countries, politically)==
China: a empire of disputes
India: china's bitter rival
Pakistan: chinese puppet
US: isolationist
Europe: dead eco, puppet of US, wants US to stop wire tapping
Venezuela: poorest anti-US nation
Cuba: only commie friendly with the US right now
Canada and Mexico: US puppet
Africa and arabs: revolts, refugees, terrorists, corruption
South and latin america: corruption
Russia: the president must be drunk with vodka
Myannar: congrats, success story
rest of asia: corrupt
Australia: US ally, not puppet
New zealand: australian puppet
Italy: bribery
== My take on history (what I think of countries, historically ==
China: old man
Japan: isolation, backstabbing, massacre, civil war
Britain and Common wealth: dead empire
Germany: evil stuff, suffering, wars
France: not trustworthy to fight for you against tanks, too nationalist, surrender, traitor
Arab states: anarchy, ottomans, terrorists, desert
African countries: suffering, slavery, colonization, civil war, bad stuff
United states: OP in war, OP in peace
Rest of america: colonization, spaniards
India and Pakistan: religion and nothing else
Rest of asia and the islands of the pacific: wars
Russia: police of europe
europe: wars and death
== My take on bias (what I REALLY think of countries) ==
Russia: vodka, drunkards, siberia, soviets
Japan: I hate them
africa and arabs: wars, unfairness, dictators, terrorists, ISIS, islam
China: commies, protests, other stuff
India: hate them
Britain and commonwealth: hello, old chap! need some tea?
rest of the europe: EU and dead eco
Australia: kangaroos
Italy: PIZZA
Rest of the world: irrevelent
==favorite quotes==
"The plan is nothing, but planning is everything." Dwight D Eisenhower right before Dday
"Do, or do not, there is no try" Yoda
"Houston, we have a problem." Apollo 13
"I have no idea!" medic
"All hail dutlof." Lewis from Yogscast in the music vid "Dutlof"
"I do not know what path others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me Death!" Henry Patrick
"Off with his head!" Random french person/executor
“Two heads are better than one" Lmath
== map games and time lines ==
=== map games ===
novum saeculum
principia moderni 3
allies vs axis resurrected (dead)
treaty of amiens
the global war
=== Timelines ===
the war against nazism
algerian conquest
the greater balkan wars
=== Saved pages ===
==If this wikia was aperture labs==
From most privileged to least, here are the ranks-(guys it's a joke)
Aka the leader of the TSPTF. Most previleged and no one dares contradict this person.
===Personality cores===
The brass. The henchmen of GLaDOS and the ones who ensure GLaDOS' orders are carried out.
===King turrets===
The lieutenants. The ones who command the turrets.
===Regular Turrets===
The constables, they are the footsoldiers against rogue test subjects. They also moderate the test subjects.
===Test subjects===
The average contributer.
===Rocket turrets===
The retired members. They have the powers of cores and king turrets but are nearly never used(at least by GLaDOS).
===Defective turrets===
These are impeached members. They were defective.

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I'm bac lel.

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