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Nationality: Flag of Canada.svg Canadian
Ancestry: Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of England.svg Scottish and English
Residence: Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Political views: Democratic Socialist (Slightly Left of Center)
Political party: New Democrat Party, Green Party (Canada)
Favorite Quotes: "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

-Winston Churchill

"He who controls the past commands the future. He who controls the future conquers the Past." -Kane, Command and Conquer Red Alert

"There are no correct alternate histories; there are only plausible alternate histories." -Will Shetterly

"Fiction has to be plausible. All history has to do is happen." -Harry Turtledove

Althistory interests:
  • 1800's to Present Day
  • The World Wars
  • The Cold War
  • British Empire
  • Canada
Suggested Reading:
  • Harry Turtledove's Timeline 191 series
  • Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising & Executive Orders
Favorite Games:
  • SimCity 3000 and 4
  • Civilization III, IV and V
  • All the Command and Conquer (except 4, screw that one!)
  • Hearts of Iron II, Europa Universalis IV
  • Fallout series
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My name is Tbguy1992, and I live in Manitoba, Canada. I'm 24 years old, and I'm a graduate of the University of Winnipeg, with a Bachelor of Arts in History and English. I have loved Alternate History since reading my first AH book, Harry Turtledove's "Great War: American Front." Soon after, I found this Wikia, and have been working on my own TL's (below). So please, check them out! If you like them, or have an idea, please message me!

Theory/Opinion of Alternate History

NOTE: if you are having issues that need to be resolved by an Admin, leave a message in my talk page and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

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Major Projects

These projects are my pride and joy: I've invested much time, energy and research into these stories, and I'm proud to have created and developed them to where they are today. I have had help, however the much of these have been created by me.

French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

(FTBW for short) The death of Admiral Nelson and the destruction of the mighty British Fleet under his command results in the dominance of Napoleon on the continent, and a world that we cannot possibly imagine...

One Day In Sarajevo

A failed assassination attempt of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, is just a minor footnote in history. But does this mean that the Great War has been forever avoided, or just delayed yet again?

Choose Your Own Alternate History!

A new Idea: This timeline is one that you create. I'll supply the Point of Divergence, from which you can write another "divergence," from which someone else can write yet another. This will guarantee that, when we are done, no story will be the same way twice!

Choose Your Own Alternate History! Redux

As much fun as the previous CYOAH was, it's time for a reboot...

Ideas/Minor Projects

The subjects under this category are very rudimentary, and in many cases barely started. However, if I can find the time, I would very much like to continue with them in the future.

Titanic, the Luckiest Ship in the World (On Hold)

The massive ocean liner RMS Titanic is only slightly damaged by an iceberg on her maiden voyage. This omen begins the story of what many would call "The Luckiest Ship in the World"...

Riel's Canada (In collaberation with Yankovic270)

Avoiding the death of Thomas Scott, Metis Leader Louis Riel is unable to make any headway with the Government of Canada over the future of the Hudson's Bay Territory. So, Riel decides to take his case to London, and soon the Dominion of Assiniboia is formed...

Red America (Live History) (Basically Finished)

Made in real time based on News Reports, as per the Live History guidelines. A communist America and a democratic Russia are in the midst of a Cold War, and the slightest spark may set off World War Three; this story is developing, more later.

Failure of 1850 (On Hold)

The Compromise of 1850 ends in bitter failure, with the North and South blaming the other for trying to destroy these United States. But will it lead to Civil War?

A Night at the Ford (On Hold)

It was just a typical night at Ford's Theater in Washington D.C. at the close of the Civil War: the crowds have come to see Our American Cousin, President Abraham Lincoln had come as well, and an assassination attempt against the Union leader failed...

Other Projects

I haven't done much on the AHWikia outside of my own stuff, but any that I remember, I've placed here.

1983: Doomsday

  • Help with several other articles that I can't remember.

Central World

Other Minor Projects

  • Helping the great KingSweden in his Featured AltHist, Napoleon's World, which, I must add, is awesome. Did I mention it was great?


I'd like to thank the academy... I kid. But in all seriousness, I would like to thank everyone who has voted in the Stirling Awards for many years, and for naming these particular articles and timelines that I have worked on as the best that the Alternate History Wikia has to offer. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Consider this my trophy wall. Feel free to look, but don't touch them, I just polished them all up.

My Regards To:

  • Bob - For several idea's for FTBW
  • Lordganon for all the help with categorizing my articles, as I'm not the best with doing that.
  • Mitro - For helping me when I first stated FTBW, especially with the formating and coding
  • SouthWriter - For looking over FTBW, and trying his best to find somewhere I went wrong, So i could explain it or fix it.
  • Katholico - who is really helpful when it comes to South America in FTBW; admittedly, one of my weaker spots in historical, political and just general knowledge.
  • Oerwinde - For saying "Go Ahead!" with "Choose Your Own Alternate History!"
  • Everyone on the now Map Game "Axis, Allies and Communism Map Game:" even though it last two weeks, it was still a lot of fun!
  • Everyone who added an article to CYOAH: most of them are so much more creative than I could ever come up with!
  • The Admins: This would just be a scary Anarchy without you guys: Keep up the good Work!
  • Everyone who read even a part of any of my TL's: You are the reason I work on them!

(Now for some more personal ones)

  • My Great Grandpa, who, born on the same day as myself in 1907, lived to the age of 97, and my quest to find out about how he lived in the "Good Ol' Days" inspired my quest for History and Alternate History. He is now with God, playing the guitar on a vintage John Deere tractor. I miss him very, very much.
  • Everyone at Melita Collegiate Institute, Melita, Manitoba, Canada, who wondered what I was doing all of those spares in the computer lab, then were shocked and amazed when I told them. You are all really supportive, and I'll never forget it!
  • My Family: If not for their understanding and genuine concern about me, I may never get anything done!
  • To the friends I've met here and at university; thanks for your support and ideas, and helping me solve problems (and often bringing up new ones!) when you hear of my TL's