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Hello Everybody :D

Hello!, Im Teutonician Germanicus Arbeiterklasse Von Danzig, Why ask, Why such long name? Well my dearest friend is actually means something not like XXX_Pu$$ydistoyer99_XXX, Teutonician comes from two words (kinda) Teutonic and ian, Teutonic is one of the Crusader Orders but where I was born in, and the ian is just a demonym of the demonym, its a demonymception. :D Germanicus is actually from the movie Gladiator, I liked how his name sounded and I may have watched too much of the 1hr long name saying, So there where it came from, shows my intrests, Arbeiterklasse means Worker's Class which just shows that I'm just Economic Left and Up, Von Danzig just means From Danzig or in Polish, Gdansk. It just shows were I was born at.

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