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Hello, Alternative Historians. I am TheCrimsonOracle. Please call me Crim!

I'm a huge history nut with historical interests all over the place. My area of expertise is in late antiquity and the Dark Ages, though I am very familiar with Greek, early Roman, and the High Middle Ages. I am happy to help with any and all ATLs centered around these times and I will give fair, detailed critiques upon request. My grasp on history once gunpowder comes into play is a bit more spotty, but I am still more than happy to answer any and all questions about anything within my ability. Beyond that, I am available to help develop narratives, fact or grammar check as needed, or just shoot the breeze.

I'm not just an internet historian, I'm one in real life. I hold a BA in History with disciplinary honors in Medieval Studies. I'm preparing to begin work on my master's and, with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole hell of a lot of student debt, it's on to my PhD! I love history and it's given my life a lot of meaning. I hope to give back to it.

I sometimes like to ramble in my sandbox. Check it out!

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