aka Crim

Lieutenant Constable
  • I live in constant fear that I will put my foot in a shoe one day and there will be a snake inside
  • My occupation is student
  • I am housetrained and pet-friendly.

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On June 23rd 2016 the user Mscoree was banned for no reason by me!

Hello, Alternative Historians. I am TheCrimsonOracle. Please call me a class traitor, or pig for short!

I'm a huge authoritarian nut with internet drama all over the place. My area of expertise is in police oppression and destroying the wiki, though I am very familiar with trolling, harassment, and villainy. I am happy to help with any and all plots to attack people I don't like and I will give unfair, undetailed bans upon request. My grasp on history is a bit nonexistent, but I am still more than happy to insert myself into the conversation about anything and mess it up. Beyond that, I have zero Stirling Awards, significant timelines, or contributions of note whatsoever. I mostly take this out on others when they get too successful, as it makes me jealous!

I'm not just an internet historian, I'm a barista in real life. I hold a failing relationship that causes me to grasp for power trips. I'm preparing to begin work on yet another map game and, with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole hell of a lot of stealing other people's creative capital, it's on to my first taste of respect! I love power and it's given my life a lot of meaning.

I sometimes like to ramble in my sandbox. Check it out!

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