The Godly Terrarian

aka I dunno, what is it?

  • I live in Virginia U.S.A.
  • I was born on October 27
  • I am Male

Terraria is obviously one of my favorite games. Do you play it?

Hi! I see you are looking at my profile. I am TheGodlyTerrarian and I do edits. I created the page Shattered States. You can edit it, but please don’t ruin it. Hope to see you around! Update: Sorry, I decided to retire Shattered States. Sorry if you liked it. My new article, Allied Anarchy, is coming out now. Please read if you are interested! I also made the 1,254,000 edit! :0

About me

I am interested in history (duh). I like modern history, but I can handle almost any history. My favorite games are Fortnite, Terraria, EU4 and Hoi4. Do we have something in common? Shout it out!

Rules for Editing my articles

I love writing on this, as well as Idea Wiki. I do not like people ruining my articles. Please don’t make extra changes. I have a plan for the timeline and it is annoying for people to mess up the plan. In a map game, you can be my subject or ally, but don’t take a subject or ally from me (Becoming my subject/ally without permission). Only do small edits. If I did a mistake, it is ok to edit, but anything else is not ok. I hope we can be friends!

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