The Guardian of Forever

  • I live in The Death Star's Exhaust Port
  • My occupation is Starfleet Admiral
  • I am a Field Researcher for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Guardian of Forever
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I mostly just do TLs and map gaming, but I can be found on chat relatively often. I played the Bahmani Sultanate in PMIV. I also occasianally edit on Memory Alpha and Wookiepedia, but since they're so complete, I usually can't find anything to add. Besides that, I occasionally parodize people's internet arguments and make off-handed remarks on chat.

For short, 'Guardian' is preferred, though 'Guard' and TGF are OK.

If anyone cares, the origin of the name:

  • (I'm also hoping to do some fanfic someday on just how Edith Keeler may have changed the TL.)

Inclusion on my heroes list does not mean a unilateral endorsement of everything he/she did.

Map Gaming

Principia Moderni IV:

I'm a little over-obsessed with using period-appropriate (read: not anglicized) names and demonyms, such as Delhavi (as opposed to Delhian or Delhite), Kolon-thota (as opposed to Colombo), and Divehini (as opposed to Maldivian).

My Timelines

  • The Right Blunder, my flagship TL. (Invite-only collab)
  • Cupiditate Regni Adductus, my old, (but still updated) TL (done myself). (On indefinite hold) (It's bad. Very bad. The Right Blunder is way better. Someday I'll come back and redo this TL, but today's not that day.)

TL's That Inspired Me

Favorite Internet Stuff

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