aka Deadly State of Mind

  • I live in Vienna, Austria
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is Psychologist and proud daddy of two
  • I am Male
Name AM/Andy/Andre/Father
  • Flag of the United States US
  • Flag of Austria Austrian
  • Flag of Romania Romanian (formerly)
  • Flag of Romania Romanian
  • Flag of Hungary Hungarian
  • Flag of Serbia Serbian
  • Flag of Israel Ashkenazi Jewish
  • Flag of the Romani people Sinthi
  • Flag of Germany German
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, USA
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Age: 22
Occupation: History Student and Unpublished Author
Political views:

Liberal Socialism


Banatian regionalism

Political party: Die Grüne (The Greens - Austria), UNPR (National Union for the Progress -Romania), Donkeys (Democratic Party -USA)
History interests:
  • Ancient History
  • Renaissance
  • Industrial Revolution
  • World Wars and Cold War
  • Reading
  • Althist
  • Video Games
  • Making fun of stupid people
  • Being a horrible person
ro-6 Această persoană vorbeşte limba română la un nivel nativ.
en-uk-5 This user speaks British English at a very high level.
de-5 Diese Person hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
it-4 Questa persona parla la lingua italiana a un livello elevato
la-2 Hoc homo anagnostes regula Lingua Latīna.
es-1 Esta persona habla un poquito d'español castellano.
fr-1 Cette personne parle français à un niveau de base.
This user understands as well minimal amounts of the
Slavic, Latin and Germanic languages, as well as Hungarian
Info about me

*sigh* Hi there, name's Andy, though most people call me Andre or AM. I am a Romanian from Timisoara, Romania. Currently, I am studying in Vienna, Austria and I am also an unpublished author (though I plan to change the unpublished part). I am pretty new around the wiki, but I'm active almost every day of the week. You might find me on the Conworlds, but I am mostly here on AltHistory. As of January 2016, I have two children and am happily married.

Yes, I'm Romanian... 

*sigh* Yes, I'm from Romania, so let me answer some FAQs - 

  • Yes, I have seen Dracula, me and him are best buds.
  • Yes, vampires roam the hills surrounding my ranch.
  • Yes, I'm a vampire
  • I love gypsies and I steal a lot.
  • And all I drink is brandy.
  • Yes, I am a filthy immigrant and have six children
  • sigh*


  • "Let them hate me, as long as they fear me." - Gaius Iulius Caesar 'Caligula'.
  • "First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fear you, then you win." - Mohandas 'Mahatma' Gandhi
  • "When you do the right thing, people will think you've done nothing at all." - James Monroe
  • sigh* - Andreas M. Martonosy

Pages I own

1983: Doomsday

Nations and subdivisions:


Timelines I'm working on

Sundered Veil

Timeline of Oer, in which a cult in England destroys in 1415 the barrier between natural and supernatural. *sigh*

Bellum Romanum

Timeline of Josh, in which Rome and other ancient cultures survive until the modern day. 

Timelines I own

Of Hitler, Ito and Wilson

A timeline in which Japan does not get nationalist and a peaceful East Asia, a low-staying of the US and a Cold War between the fascist Madrid Pact and the capitalist European Community. *sigh*

Those Petty States

Timeline in which the United States is not founded in 1787, and North America remains a poor continent, without much global power. *sigh*

The Alternate America

An America that is different, yet similar to OTL. *sigh*

Map Games

*sigh* Principia Moderni IV as Georgia *sigh*

*sigh* Go to

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