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My name is Tr0llis. Spelled with a zero.
Also spelled with a t, r, two l's, i, and s.

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  • Hitlerland - Community timeline and ASB sandbox.
  • The Old Boar Suffered - In May of 878 the West Saxons under the command of King Alfred and the Vikings under the command of Guthrum the Old engage at the Battle of Edington. The West Saxons are defeated and Alfred is killed.
  • Hibernia Unanimis - In the early 80’s AD Roman trading and exploration around the Irish Sea prompted the Roman general and proconsul of Britannia, Gnaeus Julius Agricola, to launch an invasion of Ireland in 83 AD. This expedition, although territorially minor, would open the door for future Roman excursions, most notably under the expansionist emperor Trajan some three decades later.

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