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Mayo will rise
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Belgium Belgian
Ethnicity Flag of Flanders Flamand
Residence Flag Lordship of Mechelen Mechelen, Antwerp
Date of Birth July 28, 2002 (2002-07-28) (age 18)
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Personal motto Mayo to the Moon ?
Political views
Political parties None
Anthem Belgie
Philosophy of religion None as of yet. I do value catholic morals to an extent
Alternative history
  • Flemish movement
  • German Unification
  • Civil war Russia
Non-Althist None as of yet.

Hello you are now on the page of what people call ,"The vinny" I am a weird and strange entity existing of meat and bones , and offcourse some mayonaisse and salt.

The Vinny that i am loves History especialy that of the Rus' and the Kraut. The Kraut having invaded his home country twice allready since it's artificial creation by some french speaking cheese eaters.

I currently inhabit the lands that was one place to the Historic Parliament of Mechlin where Salsa and lederhossen Habsburgers ruled the lowlands with the power of Fuckery and incest.

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