aka Dylan

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on August 27
  • I am Male

My name is VaventryWorldwide (you can call me Dylan, Vaventry, or just Vavent. I don't really care), and I am a user and contributor on this wiki.

You might be wondering what my username means. Well, vavent is a made-up word that I came up with when creating my account for the streaming website Twitch. Since then, I have adapted the word for many different purposes, including this website. Worldwide is just to represent what I'm doing here- creating worlds. The "UV" in my profile picture stands for Usual Vavent, which is my original Twitch username. It is in front of a picture of the Earth, drawn by me.

The first time I did an alternate history was in early 2015, when I created a scenario where the south won the American Civil War. I didn't know back then that alternate history was an actual thing on the internet, and that original timeline is still on my computer, in a Word document. Since then, I've created my own fantasy world, Akamore (which has maps and everything, but they've never left my computer either), an alternate history where the US was a monarchy, and an alternate history where the US split up in 1962. (If you can't tell, I live in the US.) None of these have left my computer files, but the monarchy one was the one that introduced me to this website, as in my research I came upon the several similar scenarios detailed here.

On July 31st, 2016, I posted my first alternate history here, entitled Washington's Flu. I wanted to take a subject that I was familiar with and change something relatively minor, and I did that by making George Washington die in 1790. I don't think that timeline is very good, but it was my first and the only one I've completed to the modern day.

I have published two more timelines since that first one. Liberty Lives is a timeline about the United States adopting a council of Executive Chiefs instead of vesting all executive power in one President. That timeline is on hold at the moment as I focus on Brothers No More, by far the timeline that I am most proud of. That is a timeline with a simple concept (what if the Confederacy won the American Civil War), but I have tried my best to make it unique and fleshed out with articles on many different aspects of the timeline.

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