Lieutenant of the TSPTF

My main contribution to the 1983 Doomsday AH is the small survivor nation of Woodbridge although I do offer help and assistance to the editors of various other post-Doomsday nations in Britiain. I have also uploaded some of my previous AHs:
  • The Second Heptarchy which is something I created when I was at university.
  • Weird America is an AH based on the idea that the Brits won a convincing victory in the War of 1812 which leads to the New England states seceeding from the Union
  • New Old World is a spin-off of sorts from Weird America in that it shares the same POD

At some point in the future events in Weird America and New Old World will collide .

I have had three other ideas which I may work on again in the future:

  • Conte de Deux Roi - based on the idea of a semi-sucessful restoration of the French monarchy after the Franco-Prussian War
  • An alternate Fourth Crusade where the Crusaders aren't diverted to Constantinople
  • Zhukov Kai-Shek - a transfer of the Warlord Era of China to a Russia in which there was never a successful Bolshevik revolution


Woodbridge (1983 Doomsday)

Second Heptarchy

Weird America

New Old World

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