Dirigist Party
Abbreviation MDP
Founder Vivaporius
Supreme Director Vivaporius
Chancellor Blocky858
Spokesperson KawaiiKame
Slogan Guiding the People
Founded February 27, 2015; 5 years ago (2015-02-27)
Headquarters TBD
Newspaper Brotherly Watch
Student wing Dirigist Students' League
Youth wing Dirigist Youth League
Men's wing Dirigist Men's League
Women's wing Dirigist Women's League
Paramilitary wing Obsidian Guard
Membership  (2016) 160,000
Ideology Dirigism
Political position Third position
Religion Chrisitianity
Official colors      Black
Members in the TSPTF
1 / 40
Members of the Senate
12 / 40
Party flag
Flag of the Dirigist Party.png

This is the homepage of the Dirigist Party. Please feel free to voice your opinions as a member or join up to the party ranks.



  • Section I: Introduction
    • The Dirigist Party is a third position political party that does not align with the left-right ideologies of traditional political thought. We dirigists are committed to the application of common sense, merit, and integrity in our policies for Althistoria, and seek to improve the well-being of the nation by drawing upon the good aspects of all political ideals. We believe that there is good in capitalism, communism, and yes, even fascism, and that good ideas should not be ignored simply because of the name of the ideology they belong too. The people of Althistoria deserve better than fear-mongering politicians and biased media presenters, and thus the Dirigist Party seeks to provide the voice the Althistorian populace has been lacking in their government. The Dirigist Party adamantly believes that through personal self-refinement and devotion to hard work and sacrifice, that Althistoria will be transformed into the jewel of mankind.
  • Section II: Doctrines
  • Section III: Aims
  • Section IV: Policies
    • Economic policy
      • Fiscal policy – The Dirigist Party believes that the government of Althistoria should spend only what it has on hand, and avoid the dangerous cycle of borrowing on credit.
      • Wages and salaries – Wages should be abolished and a system of "work credits" - payment according to one's actual labor and contribution - should serve as the method of payment.
      • Health care – Healthcare should be provided by the state, though only for those who cannot gain healthcare on their own.
      • Education – All education should be free, but geared toward the students strengths, rather than allowing them to pursue unrealistic goals that would be a waste of the state's resources.
      • Environment – Protection of the environment is a paramount issue that the Dirigist Party stands behind.
      • Renewable energy and fossil fuels – It is vital that the exploration of non-fossil fuels and alternative sources of energy be sponsored by the state.
      • Trade agreements – Trade with other nations should be free and fair, not subject to the whims of the state save on stretegic resources the nation cannot afford to trade away.
    • Social policy
      • Equal opportunity – The Dirigist Party believes that not all people are equally capable for the job they seek, and that they should be steered toward work and opprotunities that would benefit themselves and society as a whole.
      • Voting rights – The Dirigist Party believes that too often are the ignorant and ill-informed allowed to vote, and that all prospective voters should be subjected to tests to determine whether they should be permitted to voice their opinion in national debates and positions of state.
      • Abortion and reproductive rights – All life is sacred, and to deny the life of an unborn child is deemed the worse kind of homicide. The rights of the mother end where the life of the unborn child begins.
      • Immigration – All migrants seeking entry into Althistoria must integrate into the culture and society of the nation. When they leave their land, they make the decision to leave behind their culture and traditions too. Homogeneity begets harmony, and harmony begets prosperity.
      • LGBT rights – The Dirigist Party believes that all men and women are regardless of sexual orientation are equally valuable to the state. However, twisting the natural roles of men and women for personal gratification is deemed an immoral and debased aspect that will not be supported by the party.
    • Legal policy
      • Gun control – The right to bear arms shall be subject to the will of the people. Close watch on gun owners and the strict mental tests shall be executed so as to prevent abuses of firearms.
      • Death penalty – The Dirigist Party wholeheartedly supports the death penalty for all capital crimes.
      • Torture – Though unsavory, torture is vital for extracting information that would otherwise be lost. Time and lives cannot be wasted for the moral high ground of others.
      • Mass surveillance – Crime cannot be stopped by thought-police. The party believes that mass surveillance is key to the ability of the state to protect its citizens.
      • Right to privacy – Privacy is a luxury in a peaceful world, one that we do not live in. If we view one another as family, then privacy need not be a matter of concern.
    • Foreign policy
      • Europe and Russia
      • Middle Eastern policies
      • Chinese expansionism
      • Arab-Israeli conflict


The party follows a strict hierarchy with the Supreme Director of the Dirigist Party serving as the leader of the party, followed by the Chancellor who serves as second-in-command. Positions are given based on merit, and the Supreme Director has the power to remove any individual he deems incapable of fulfilling their roles.

  • Vivaporius (founder) – Victor Prescott, Supreme Director of the Dirigist Party
  • Blocky858Blodwyn Zapotocky, Chancellor of the Dirigist Party
  • Octivian MariusOttavio Malatesta, Head of the Monarchist Branch/Administrator of the Bureau of Propaganda
  • BelialoftheillusionsBryant Ianson
  • KawaiiKameKarl Kromarty, Head of the Directorate of Peace
  • Survivor321Samuel Threppinton, Head of the Directorate of Science
  • CandiesrgoodHead of the Directorate of Finance
  • Centrist16Head of the Directorate of Truth
  • LightningLynx89Leonard Lexington, Head of the Directorate of War
  • ThewolvesdenMarcel Lupu, Head of the Directorate of Justice
  • ReclaimLandThatIsMineRome Light, Head of the Directorate of Education
  • PyradoxPatrick Davidson, Head of the Directorate of the Earth
  • FallacymanHead of the Directorate of Health
  • BozistanballHead of the Directorate of Faith
  • Charlesthe50thCharles Ingsocian, Head of the Directorate of Luxury
  • RexImperioReximus Imperius, Administrator of the Bureau of Internal Investigation

Party forum

What is the party's stance on private ownership? -Fallacyman

All citizens have a right to private property and private enterprise. Zhakar Wiki The Xyon Wikia Vivaporius: "I don't need a slogan" 20:28, August 17, 2016 (UTC)

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