aka ★Митсуха★

  • I live in 福州市、福建道、日本 | Futsu-shi, Fukken-dō, Japan
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Græy or Grey, NOT
  • I am a Virtual Aidoru
Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai
Kaorischool burned
Born 10 July
Known for Being everyone's favorite "girl"
Religion Polytheism


Hi guys! I am WILDSTARSKAORI! Let me tell you a bit about myself (it won't get know...internet reasons). I am what most people would call an otaku, but I consider myself more of a Japanophile, as I'm not only into animanga, but I'm also into most aspects of Japanese culture, including *surprise*, it's history. My other likes and hobbies (besides writing althists and watching/reading animanga) includes Star Wars, and reading history.  I enjoy shoujo animes that are slice of life/comedies. I take absolutely no interest in the violent animes that most others enjoy watching. Also, I am Taiwanese. That's pretty much all I'm going to say about myself. If you want to talk to me, just leave a message on my talk page or find me on chat.  Also, peese chizza

Languages Spoken

  • Flag of the United States American English (native speaker)
  • Flag of the United Kingdom British English
  • Flag of Jamaica Jamaican English
  • Flag of Canada Canadian English
  • Flag of China (1912–1928) Mandarin Chinese (native speaker)
  • Chinataiwan Taiwanese Hokkien (native speaker)
  • Flag of Japan Japanese (learning)
  • Flag of France French (minimal)

Languages and Writing Systems I Want To Learn

  • Taiwanflag Taiwanese Kana
  • Flag of Russia Russian


First Signature: 

Hurry up, we're going to be late!

Everyone's Favorite School Girl, Kaori! Kaorischool burned

Second (and Current) Signature: 

Lot's of love,

Everyone's Favorite Girl, Kaori! Kaori Third (and Alternate) Signature: 

Lot's of love,

Everyone's Favorite Angel/Devil Girl, Kaori! Ultimate madoka and devil homura chibi ver by d tomoyo-d7d8ash

Halloween Signature: 

Trick or Treat!

Everyone's Favorite Witch, Kaori! KaoriHalloween Xmas Signature: 

See you under the mistletoe~

Everyone's Favorite Santa Girl, Kaori! KaoriXmas

Summer Signature: 

Come on, the water feels great!

Everyone's Favorite Beach Girl, Kaori! Kaoribeach burned

New Years' Signature: Coming Soon!

Histories That Hold My Interest

  • East Asian History

Timelines & Map Games I Have Contributed To


People That I Love (Formerly Close Friends)


Is Hot


Music Video

Love Live BiBi - Love Novels Lyrics

Love Live BiBi - Love Novels Lyrics

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