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Hi, to anyone who wants to read this. i don't like putting my personal info on the internet but i will say

-i am male

-i am a christian (surprised/glad to find out that a lot of us are)

- I enjoy Scuba diving (hence the "Scuba" at the end of my username)

-i enjoy alternate history.

the main reason I got into this wiki was because of the map games, but I have been interested in althists long before that.

Stuff I'm Doing

ATLs Created

Stuff I'm thinking about doing

  • the New crusade (if the ottman empire had been attacked in the 1400s0
  • день бесчестья(the day of infamy)- what if the japaneese had attacked the USSR instead of America?</span>
  • A world without Duct Tape (pretty much an ASB, but still...major reprecussions)
  • No America (a world where, during its formation, the landmass that now makes up the USA is gone, mexico and canda are adjacent, with canada being more south)
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