The Eleanorian Plan was devised by Eleanor I of Great Iberia as a post-war reconstruction plan in the event of a Mediterranean Coalition victory against Italy and Naples.


  1. King Matteo I of Italy and Naples will be arrested and executed by the Iberian Government for his crimes against the United Crown. All government officials of the Kingdom of Italy will also be arrested and thereafter executed, imprisoned or acquitted, depending on the outcomes of their trials, which will be presided over by neutral judges from elsewhere in Europe.
  2. All Eastern European vassals of Italy and Naples will be given their independence, and full restoration of the local languages and cultures will be actively encouraged by the Coalition. All Italian and Neapolitan citizens will be deported to the Italian peninsula.
  3. The illegally occupied islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Malta will be returned to Iberian sovereignty, whereupon the full "Re-Iberisation" of the territories will begin. All Italian and Neapolitan citizens will be deported to the Italian peninsula, and Iberian settlers will be encouraged to move to these territories.
  4. The Kingdom of Naples will be stripped of its independence, and will be conjoined with the Kingdom of Sicily to form the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which will become a part of the Crown Union of Aragon, itself a constituent of the United Crown.
  5. The County of Malta will be ceded to the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, but only on the condition that the Count(ess) of Malta will be permitted to retain some limited powers of oversight over the Maltese operations of the Order, and the Count(ess) will also be permitted to retain his/her title.
  6. The Kingdom of Italy will be divided into its original constituent city-states, such as Milan, Florence and Venice. Relatives of the Iberian Royal Family, the House of Trastamara, will be placed in leadership position in these new Italian states, which will be divided in vassalage between the three Coalition states closest to Italy: the north will be awarded to Austria, the west Great Iberia, and the east Bulgaria.
  7. The new overlords of the Italian states will be responsible for their respective territories' reconstruction.
  8. The Italian language in the Spanish parts of Italy will be removed from society, and instituted instead will be the Spanish language.
  9. To facilitate this, Spanish will become the language of governance and of instruction in the Italian territories, and will be promoted as the language of prestige and sophistication over Italian, which will be degraded as the language of the poor and of the weak. In addition, all literature and scriptures written in Italian will be seized, translated into Spanish, and destroyed. The translated copies will be designed to appear as close to the originals as possible; they will thereafter be given (free of charge) to the owners of their respective originals.
  10. Italian and Neapolitan citizens who resist Iberification of Iberian Italy will be arrested, imprisoned and/or deported to somewhere outside of the United Crown.
  11. As compensation for Bulgaria's contribution to the Coalition victory, the vassalage of the Duchy of Athens will be transferred to Bulgaria.
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